Quilting Road Trip From Here To There


On holidays a weather announcer gives the weather for cities named for the holiday. We take our own road trip to some appropriately named quilting towns.

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Quilting Road Trip From Here To There

On Father's Day, Halloween, or Christmas, the local weather announcer will give the weather for a list of cities appropriately named for that holiday. Today, we are going to take our own road trip to some appropriately named towns.

Quilting Road Trip From Here To There


Block Island, Rhode Island

We're going to start our trip in New England at Block Island, Rhode Island. The island was inhabited by indigenous people, but in 1614 it was named after the first Dutch settler, Adrian Block.



Thimble Islands, Connecticut

interesting as Capt. Kidd is alleged to have used them. He was later executed for piracy. The story goes that they were named for the thimbleberries native to the island.



Zigzag, Oregon

We cross the country all the way to Zigzag, Oregon. This village is southeast of Portland and is part of the Villages at Mount Hood. It was named after the local river. If you want to visit, there is a ranger station in the village.



Needles, California

On to Needles, California! Named for the sharp peaked local mountains, Needles is located on the Colorado River and is often the first city encountered when entering the state. Needles is also located on the famous Route 66! Needles was once the home of Charles Schulz, Peanuts cartoonist, who made it the home of Snoopy's brother Spike. Remember the cactus?



Scissors, Texas

The next stop is Scissors, Texas. It is in the Rio Grande Valley just south of the city of Donna. Scissors is a 1.7 square mile "colonia" established in the 1960's. Colonia, in Spanish, means "neighborhood". In this region, a colonia is a subdivision that has developed outside of any governmental jurisdiction without electricity, water, sewer, lights, and other city services. Texas no longer allows this type of development and has been working to pave roads and install city services.



Log Cabin, Texas

Towns in the U.S. don't tend to be named for well-known quilt blocks. I tried Rail Fence, Card Trick, Bow Tie, Flying Geese, and others. But I did find Log Cabin, Texas. SE of Dallas, it's a 1.0 square mile city on Cedar Creek Reservoir.



Singer, Louisiana

Our final stop finds us in Singer, Louisiana. The population in the 2010 census was 287. That's it.

antique singer


Bobbin Head, New South Wales

Me? I'd like to go to Bobbin Head, New South Wales. It's located in a National Park north of Sydney Australia. Just imagine all the wildlife of Australia and a national park to boot!



How This Was Written

I researched "stitch", "fabric", "pattern" and "applique", and couldn't find any towns with those names. If you know of any others, please share them in the Comments. Thanks!


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Attaching individual pieces of fabric to a background to form a design.

Same As: Appliqué

See Also: Freezer Paper Applique, Needleturn Applique, Machine Applique, Reverse Applique, Shadow Applique
The basic unit of a quilt top, usually square but can be rectangular or other shapes. Blocks can be pieced, appliqued or plain.
A spool or reel that holds thread or yarn for spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, or making lace.
Flying Geese
One of the most popular of the small shape groups that exist in quilting. It consists of a center triangle and two right angle triangles attached to it on either side.
Log Cabin
A quilt pattern in which narrow fabric strips, or logs, surround a center square to form a block. These may be pieced from strips or sewn onto a foundation of paper or fabric.
Rail Fence
Narrow fabric strips sewn together in blocks, and then rotated to form a running pattern which resembles a fence.
A small, dimpled cap, usually of metal, designed to fit over the end of the finger to protect it from injury as it repeatedly pushes a needle through cloth during sewing or quilting.
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