Should You Consider Purchasing A Quilt Kit?


Have you ever looked at a quilt kit and wondered if it would be a good idea for you to invest in one? Quilting Contessa gives you a few things to consider.

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Should You Consider Purchasing A Quilt Kit?

Have you ever looked at a quilt kit and wondered if it would be a good idea for you to invest in one? Here are a few things to consider when making this purchase.

Should You Consider Purchasing A Quilt Kit?


Do you love the pattern and the fabrics included in the kit after looking at the sample? If so, make sure that the kit you will be purchasing actually has those same fabrics. Sometimes substitutions have been made due to lack of fabric availability from the manufacturer.

Kit With Fabrics


Complete Kits

Is the kit complete with fabric including the backing and binding, threads, pattern, templates, and any embellishments that are required? If not, are the items readily available? Can you purchase extra yardage of the fabric included in the kit “just-in-case” you make an error in cutting, or wish to make a coordinating accessory for your home? Quilt tops are lovely, but a quilt is not a quilt until it is quilted and that definitely requires a backing!

Complete Kit



What is the reputation of the shop or online retailer that you are purchasing the kit from? Do they cut very generous kits, or should you be prepared to purchase extra yardage now because they have a reputation for cutting their kits very short. It is no fun to get almost finished a project only to find out that you don’t have enough fabric to make the last square, or put the final border on the quilt. Reputation is key! If you haven’t purchased from a particular company, check with your stitching friends to see if they have any experiences to share with you.




Another consideration should be how soon you plan to stitch your kit. If this project will be waiting a while for your attention, make sure that you have plenty of supplies since fabrics rarely stay in stock very long and it can be difficult to match fabrics that are several years old.



With all of this said, kits can be a great way to start your quilting hobby, especially if you are able to get a “complete” kit that includes ALL of the supplies you need to finish the project. Many beginning quilters lack confidence in choosing fabrics to coordinate with a pattern they like and a kit allows them to make their project while concentrating on technique rather than collecting and choosing supplies. They can feel confident that if they follow instructions well, that they will have a quilt that they know they will like in the end, because they have already seen what it looks like.

Kits can also be a great choice for a “seasoned” quilter who does not want to add to her “stash”, or prefers not to have “extra” fabrics to store since you typically will receive a quantity of supplies that is sufficient without much in the way of “leftovers”. Another benefit to purchasing a kit is that it can be a quick “grab-and-go” project if you will be heading out on retreat soon, or need a project ready with a short timeline and no real time to shop several places for supplies.

Happy stitching!


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The fabric on the back of a Quilt Sandwich (Top, Batting and Backing).

Same As: Lining
Binding is used as both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is the fabric that's used to cover the raw edges of the quilt sandwich after it's quilted. This edging fabric is referred to as the Binding (noun). As a verb it is the process of putting on this fabric, and it referred to as Binding a Quilt.
A strip of fabric or pieced strip of fabric joined to the edges of the inner quilt and used to frame it.
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