Quilting Contessa discusses what is a mini-quilt and some fun examples to spark the imagination.

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Each year our Guild does a Silent Auction for "small" quilts. We say small quilts instead of miniature quilts because of the techniques required. The true definition of a miniature quilt is that it must replicate a full-size quilt pattern, but on a much smaller scale, so we have stopped requiring that the quilts be true miniatures and allow more creative approaches. We do require that each quilt be less than 24"x24".



Because I was just getting into wool applique this year, I decided to create my own design for the auction. Using a drawing of a skull and lots of ideas for flowers, this small quilt could be used on a family "ofrenda". My husband was kind enough to make this special quilt rack to display it.



A quilter in our Bee brought a mini-quilt to Show 'n Tell that had a Christmas pattern with winter theme buttons in each square. I fell in love! Soon, another member had made a mini with buttons of sewing tools.



My first attempt at using the buttons was this cow quilt with cow print fabric and buttons. It is approximately 9.5 x 10 inches and is displayed in some milk bottles from a thrift store. The white rocks to simulate milk came from the dollar store! This is fun!



Soon I began to hunt for fabric and embellishments that would make neat miniature quilts. At the same time, I hunted for thrift store items that make good mini display racks. I found that pairs of decorator bottles and banana stands that worked well.



Next up was this cowboy quilt and a kitchen quilt. I was on a roll!



I had also seen a very small quilt rack, less than 7 inches high and 7.5 inches wide. The quilts that fit these are just 6.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.



The good news is that all of these sold at the Quilt Show – some in the small quilt auction and some in our Bargain Boutique of home-made items. Small quilts are a great day to try out new ideas, and, who knows, they just might catch on. And they make great gifts!


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Attaching individual pieces of fabric to a background to form a design.

Same As: Appliqué

See Also: Freezer Paper Applique, Needleturn Applique, Machine Applique, Reverse Applique, Shadow Applique
Miniature Quilts
A quilt made in miniature of a full sized quilt. Paper foundation piecing is often used to make the very small minis.
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