Quilters Trip Planner™ Handouts


Discusses and provides that handout that can be given to quilters or quilt shops to increase awareness, usage, and the overall growth of quilt shops.

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Quilters Trip Planner™ Handouts

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Per your requests, we have created a single page document to be used as a handout (or email) to quilters from quilt shops or to quilt shops from quilters. The front side contains a handout for the quilters (as two items on the page) to raise awareness for the Quilter's Trip Planner™ as a tool to find quilt shops, shows, shop hops, sales, classes, retreats and much more. The back side is tips for the quilt shops on how to use the handout to increase sales.


How to get the handout:

Who to give it To?

  • Quilt Shops: Print the front side to handout in your shop.
  • Quilters: Print the front & back side to handout to shops.


If you have any questions or have a suggestion of how we can improve, please contact us.


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