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Benefits Of Membership For Quilt Groups

If you are a quilting group (quilt guild, guild network, association/society, or just a quilting group), you have come to the right place to get information about becoming a member of QuiltingHub. Learn the benefits and options of this free listing, and get listing tips. There are so many benefits, it is hard to fit them on a page. You get more visibility than all the other sites and books out there. Click each of the benefits to learn more and/or watch the tour video for quilt groups.

Benefits of Membership

More quilters trust and use our site to find groups, quilt shows, classes, and retreats than any other book or site. When you want to get noticed for your groups' contributions to the quilting community; this is the place to be.

The website and our signature app work on all devices.


All our listings are verified by the community. Any quilter who views your listing may click the Yes button. Errors are reported to you by email so the community helps to keep your listing accurate.

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Is this listing accurate? YesNo

With one easy click, your customers can share your QuiltingHub page to social media (like Facebook).

We all know social sharing dramatically increases the speed of your business, and this feature is only available on your QuiltingHub member listing! No one else offers this!

One Click Sharing

Any quilter can search for groups or events near your area and find you. You can adjust your map pointer.

Movable Pointer
Your Group On Local Maps
Your Events On Local Maps

You can adjust the map pointer. No one else offers this!

Travelers and newly relocated quilters will find your group.

Quilters will find you through your events (classes, meetings, quilt shows, retreats, and special events). Over half of our searches are for events.

Any quilter can find your quilt shows along their travel route using our Trip Planner™. They select start, end, click search to find all the quilt shows, sales, and shop hops along the way. No one else offers this!Over half of our searches are for events.

Movable Pointer
Your Quilt Shows on Trip Planner

You can adjust the map pointer. No one else offers this!

Quilters find you through your quilt shows.

As mentioned above in Maps and Trip Planner™, your events are discovered when quilters search locally or along a trip route. They can view the events on your listing detail page, on maps, on the trip planner, on a calendar, or on a list of events

Movable Pointer
On Local Maps
On Trip Planner

You can adjust the map pointer. No one else offers this!

Find you through your events on our local maps. Events are all your events: classes, sales, group hops, retreats, and special events.

Find you through your events on Trip Planner™. Events are: sales and group hops.

List View (Detail Page)
List View (World)
Page Events
Events By Category

Events are on your detail page.

Find you through our world events list.

Calendar View
Map View
View Calendar
View Map

Quilt Shows often have vendor booths. Your vendors want exposure, and you want to give them exposure; but the costs are often too high to do it on your own. We can give you and your vendors more exposure using our enhanced vendor support.

  1. Vendor booth participants may 'hook' (or attach) to your event.
  2. Your event displays a vendor booth list.
  3. Event appears on your calendar and your vendor calendars.
  4. Multiplies your exposure and their exposure! Wow!
  5. The best part is it is all one event. Edit the event, and it appears on all their calendars. Wow!
Vendor List On Event
Event on Vendor's Calendar

Vendor list displays on event. No one else offers this!

Your event shows up on the vendor calendars. No one else offers this!

Huge Benefit! This very robust event feature can be used to bring more attention to your vendors and your event.

Member listings allow you to highlight your group with the following:

  1. Group Description - highlight what makes your group special and entice visitors.
  2. Group Logo - for maximum brand recognition
  3. 4 Photos - Show off the best parts of your group & your classroom.
  4. Website - link to your website.
  5. 4 Social Links - Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, your blog, etc


What Other Members Say

QuiltingHub gives quilters and advertisers more than anyone else. Here is what our advertisers say:

  • Karen Stephens at Speckled Hen Quilts says to activate your membership now. (read endorsement)

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Listing Options

The listing status may be in any one of following:

Status Fee Features/Visibility
Member* Free Group Name, Address, Adjustable Map Pointer, Group Description, Logo, Photos, Website Link, Social Links, Social Sharing, Searchable Events CalendarRecommended
Expired* N/A None

* - These listings are not automatically verified. You, your members, or anyone in the community must verify your listing every 60 days. When claimed, you will get a reminder email to verify your listing. This will keep it accurate; however, your listing will become invisible if you do not reply to it.


How To Proceed

You need to have a login account on the site, claim the listing, edit it, and publish your member listing. The login account will allow you to return to make edits and to get updates about your listing. If you have completed one of these steps, skip it:

  1. If you have not done so already, watch the benefits and getting started video.
  2. Login or register (top right of the screen)
  3. Claim your listing (one of the following):
    • Search for your listing and click 'claim this listing' found on the page, or
    • Click Add Or Claim Your Listing and follow the directions
  4. Once your listing is claimed, you can click the red Completion Guide button found on your listing detail page to guide you through the process.


Friendly & Helpful Support

If you need help at any time contact us. We can help on any part of the process, give you ideas on wording, or even the best photos to use. We want you to have the best results and a wonderful experience.

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