Truly White Wool - Does It Exist?


Does truly white wool exist, and if so, where can it be purchased? Quilting Contessa discusses a good alternative you can use right now.

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Truly White Wool - Does It Exist?

Contessa has been asked this question more than once – "Does truly white wool exist, and if so, where can it be purchased?" Well here is a good alternative.

Truly White Wool – Does It Exist?


Truly White Wool

Have you ever looked for white wool? Truly white wool, not cream-colored, not "winter white", not beige, but something that is closer to "snow white". It really does not exist! Sheep aren't "snow white", they are a creamier color. So, what is a "woolie quilter" to do when they need a whiter white for their project? Try bamboo felt! It comes in a much whiter shade than wool, but it looks like wool and feels almost silky. It comes ready to use; and can be cleaned in the same way as you would wool. The bonus attributes are that it is a bit thinner to cut and stitch through, so it makes cutting delicate (small) shapes even easier and it doesn't attract moths.

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So, the next time that you need truly white wool or a wool alternative, try some bamboo felt.


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