You Can Help Promote Quilt Shows


Guilds and communities need your help to promote quilt shows.  You can share quilt show directory links on guild, quilt shop, and community pages to boost attendance.

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You Can Help Promote Quilt Shows

The QuiltingHub Network needs your help to promote quilt shows. Guilds and communities need help to publicize their quilt shows, guilds, and shops. We have a win/win/win to help quilters, quilting, and the Network and you can help.

Linking To QuiltingHub



QuiltingHub is the central place (or Hub) where all quilters list every quilting event or resource once and it appears everywhere. Well almost. There are many guild websites that list quilt shops, shops that list guilds, and tourist sites that list quilt shows. Let's use QuiltingHub as it was intended.

  • Replace your quilt guild's shop list to a link to us so you do not have to maintain it. Examples: Iowa Quilt Shops
  • Replace your quilt shop's guild list to a link to us so you do not have to maintain it. Examples: Maryland Quilt Guilds
  • Add a link to the list of state quilt shows to your state/city tourist site, your guild site, or your quilt shop site. Examples: Ohio Quilt Shows
  • You get the idea. Go visit the site, find you favorite link and add it to your guild, blog, shop, or municipality site.
  • Obviously, make sure your guild and show are listed.

This helps you, because you do not have to maintain the list. It helps quilters because the get the most accurate infromation. It helps our advertisers because they enter their ads once, and it appears everywhere. This will takes us over 2 million page views a month.


Win $100

We will give $100 to the first 3 people who Contact-Us that they added one of these links to their site. Offer begins December 1st 2019. This is how we, at QuiltingHub, get to give back to the community for making us the most visited network of quilting resource websites in the world. Now, it is your turn to help us to help you. Add your guild, shows to QuiltingHub, and add the links listed above to your sites.



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