Quilt Guilds Resource Website Leads Industry


The Quilt Guilds website continues to innovate and grow as the top resource for quilt guilds worldwide. We cover some of the key updates.

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Quilt Guilds Resource Website Leads Industry

As most of you know, the Quilt Guilds & Shows resources website has grown and enhanced considerably to become the top resource for quilt guilds and groups to advertise. We have seen significant growth and improvements in the last few months.

Quilt Guilds Resource Website Leads Industry


Key Topics Discussed

  • Most empty logos have been created
  • Event logos now default to guild logos
  • More guilds added their listings, meetings and shows
  • We added Guild Speaker & Quilt Teacher directories
  • Most guilds added links to quilt guilds resources on their websites & you should too
  • Maps enhanced
  • Marketing guidance and support offered
  • Adding a period verification to stay listed


Logos Improved

Most guilds had not added logos to their listings. We manually created basic logos for about 600 of the 800 guilds. If yours is missing and you want one, let us know.

Quilt Guilds Directory


Event Logos

Event logos are no longer required. They default to your guild logo from your listing. You can still add one at any time.

Quilt Shows Directory


More Guilds, Meetings & Shows Listed

Guilds added their listings, meetings and shows at a record pace this year. Visit your listing, update it, and add your meetings/shows to the calendar. If your guild is missing, add it (it is free).

Quilt Guild Meetings Directory


We added Quilt Guild Speaker & Quilt Teacher Directories

The new Quilt Guild Speaker and Quilt Teacher directories are enormously popular. Check them out, share them with your guild on your Facebook page, and add them as resources on your website. Ask your favorite speakers/teachers to add themselves (only 10 cents a day). This helps support the quilt guilds website.

Quilt Shows Directory


Quilt Shows Directory


Many Guilds Added Our Resource Links To Their Guild Website

With the extensive growth of the Quilt Guilds website, guilds have been adding our resource links onto their guild websites. Here is what they are adding:

  • Quilt Guilds Directory (Worldwide or your region)
  • Quilt Shows Directory (Worldwide or your region)
  • Quilt Guild Meetings Directory (Worldwide or your region)
  • Map of Quilting Resources (start with the link, enter your address, click places, then use the link in your address bar on your website). This is VERY popular with guilds.
  • Custom list of quilting resources near you. Contact us if you need help with this or any of the above links.
  • Custom list of quilting resources (shops & quilters) near you. Contact us if you need help with this or any of the above links.


Resources Links

With the extensive popularity of the QTC, more guilds and shops have been adding links to their websites. Here is what they are adding:


Map Enhancements

Quilt Guilds now has its own mapping feature and no longer jumps to QuiltingHub to do mapping. The entire website is self-contained. Our data still comes from QuiltingHub. Quilters find the enhancements smooth and easy. You will find the experience smooth and easy. Try it now.



Marketing Guidance and Support Offered

With your free guild membership on QuiltingHub, you appear on the entire QuiltingHub Network of websites and get free marketing advice customized for your needs and knowledge level. This is priceless for guild publicists. Contact us to plug in to this powerful resource.


Guild Verification Process Being Added

QuiltingHub has begun sending guild-listing verification emails to your admins. It will contain guild info, meetings, and your next show. If accurate, simply click email [accept]. If not, visit, edit, and then accept. The emails will be titled "New message from QuiltingHub" and have an internal title of "Listing Verification Required."

Listings will be required to be verified periodically to stay visible.

We recommend you maintain at least three active admins to your listing at all times. This virtually eliminates your guild from being removed. Visit your listing, click [Admin Menu] then [Admins]. Add any registered user as an admin in seconds.

We expect to begin removing non-verified guilds on 7/1/2021.

Your most recent verification date appears on your listing detail page. You can verify right next to it.


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

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