9 Tips To Attending A Quilt Retreat


Attending your first quilt retreat? I discuss the key things to bring and not bring so you get the most and have the most fun out of the retreat!

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9 Tips To Attending A Quilt Retreat

If you have never gone on a quilt retreat you have missed out on a great adventure. Make sure to read the following items as you plan to attend a retreat so that you will be ready to have the most fun possible.

9 Tips To Attending A Quilt Retreat


Sewing Machine

Take your favorite machine that you know how to use well. You won't want to have to read an owner's manual instead of chatting with your friends.

Sewing Machine



If this retreat has you bring your own project, this is not the best time to start a project with thousands of pieces that require a difficult layout. Choose a project that you can start and stop working on easily when your friends come over to visit.



Comfy Attire is a Must

Remember to take comfy layering attire. If you are always "hot stuff" at home you probably won't want a hoodie especially if you are in a workroom with lots of sewing machines, lights, and hot irons.




While you may enjoy listening to music is your sewing space, this is a great time to talk and visit with your friends. Let your music makers take a few days off so that you won’t need to try to talk over the music and the hum of sewing machines.



Pack Mindfully

Remember that what leaves your home must return. So, let all of your heaviest wheel-free items stay home.




Yes, let's not take our furniture with us. Leave your "extra" table and chair at home. You probably won't have so much space in the workroom that these items won't encroach on your neighbors space. Only take a table, chair, or ironing board if the organizer has requested that you do so.




Professional high temperature irons are best left at home. Remember that you will probably all have sewing machines and lights to plug in, if too many heat producing products are plugged in you may all end up in the dark because you blow a fuse or trip the circuit breakers. A small travel iron won't use as much power and can still get the job done for you and your friends.



Perfumes and Foods

Strongly scented perfumes and food are best left at home. Remember that your friends may have allergies that will be aggravated by the scents and you certainly don’t want to send anyone to the hospital!




Open drinks can spell disaster around sewing projects. While you may be aware of your open drink and not have an issue, when you are in close proximity to others it is safest to utilize a covered drink cup to help protect your machine and projects.



Check This Out!

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Moving a hot iron while it has contact with fabric. Often ironing can stretch and distort fabrics and seams. A better alternative is to press, where you just lay the hot iron down and lift straight up from the fabric.

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