All Unclaimed Quilt Shops Are Being Deleted


QuiltingHub announces that after 7 years of maintaining about 800 quilt shops who never claimed their listings, we are deleting them in the next 90 days.

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All Unclaimed Quilt Shops Are Being Deleted

Effective immediately, all quilt shop listings that are not claimed by their owners and are NOT being verified by the community will be deleted in the next 60-90 days. QuiltingHub is the largest, most used quilt shop search site in the world. Over 480,000 quilters use the site at a page rate of over 1.2 million page views a month.

All Unclaimed Quilt Quilt Shops Are Being Deleted


Why Are Quilt Shop Listings Being Removed?

QuiltingHub has been maintaining the accuracy of quilt shops since 2009. Today, most quilt shops have claimed their listings, and either the quilters or the shops owners have been responsible for keeping each listing accurate.

A small handful of about 800 shops has never responded to our multiple requests to claim their shop or risk deletion. These same shops have no quilters visiting or verifying them (unlike the visited shops).

Since we have given them many chances for years to take responsibility for their listings, and no one is visiting or verifying them, we will let their listings expire in the next 90 days. We will no longer spend the money of the member quilt shops to pay for the unverified 800 shops. The unverified shops are any shops with an orange claim button on the listing. If you know the shop owners, urgently request that they claim their shop. If not, they will be removed.


What Is Verification?

All claimed shops are either verified by the quilting community, or the owners click a link in an email they get every 60 days, showing that they are still open and accurate. The process is simple and takes less than two seconds, completed 6 times a year (or twelve seconds of time per year).

All shops that are not verified by the community, and the shop owner has not spent the 2 seconds clicking the "accept" button will quietly vanish on the 91st day of unverified listing.


What Does Removal Mean?

The shop is not visible in any way, and the only person who can bring it back is the shop owner with a simple verification click on their shop page (that only they can see).

The shop page returns a 404-Page Not Found to the search engines. It will appear to google and the users that the shop may have gone out of business.

Once visibility has been restored, it may take months for the search engines to find it again. This is something shop owners should avoid.


How to Claim?

Visit your shop page, and click the orange claim button. Follow the directions, and either select the free shop listing or upgrade to a member listing and enjoy even more business in your shop. Change your mind at any time.


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