QuiltingHub Is Hiring


QuiltingHub is a leading online quilting marketing organization and is growing fast. We have a variety of full and part-time positions available. Join our team!

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QuiltingHub Is Hiring

QuiltingHub is one of the fastest growing quilting advertising firms in the world. Over 400,000 quilters use the site at a page rate of over 1 Million page views a month to find quilting resources and articles.

Our growth has opened some amazing opportunities to work for a fun and challenging organization. We are hiring for a variety of full and part-time roles. All are work from home.

QuiltingHub Is Hiring


Writers (Part Time)

We are seeking authors to write as the Quilting Contessa for how-to and other basic to intermediate level tips, tricks, and how-to projects.

This is a very laid back position where you come up with ideas on your own and write quilting articles like 3 Ways to Use Left Over Bindings or 14 Keys to Planning a Great Quilt Show that help quilters to quilt, or industry professionals, guilds, and business to market themselves effectively. If you have a month with 3 ideas, you may write three articles. If you have a month with 1 idea, you write one. It is up to you. Once hired, all you have to do is submit the idea to us, get approval, write it, submit it, and get paid. How great is that!

To apply, contact us.



Data Analysts - Part Time

The data analyst is responsible for the accuracy of the content of the website. This will involve handling listing error reports, calling them, and verifying the content is correct. For the right candidate, proofreading articles and managing the social media presence may also be involved. The work is part time comprising of about 5 to 10 hours a week.

To apply, contact us.



Sales Managers - Full Time

Our website membership is growing on its own, but sales will expedite the process. Sales of membership plans for quilt shops, online shops, and retreats have reached new records. Do you have a history of a fabulous phone sales closing record? This position may be right for you.  Let's see if you qualify?

Territories Available:
  • North America (West Coast/Mountain Preferred)
  • South America
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Europe (multi-lingual required)

This is a 100% commission position with the option of residuals. You make $20-25 per sale (about 10-15 minutes of time), and you have between 4,000 and 12,000 potential sales. This is phone sales, so you must have an excellent closing ratio, and be able to work from home with excellent time management skills. The minimum sales per week are between 2 and 5 sales per day (14 to 25 a week). That is a minimum income of $500/wk (minus residuals). The skilled closer is expected to make between 6 to 10 sales per day (30 to 50 per week) or $750 to $1,250/wk (paid as 1099). Once a sale is made and the listing is completed, your earn $1/month on each of them as a residual. If you complete 3000 sales, you make an extra $3000/mo on those sales. There may also target based incentives.

Once again, you must have a proven track record of closing phone sales calling on retail businesses. Preferably in intangibles like advertising.

To apply, contact us. First, send your resume, explain why you are the perfect fit and why you want this position. We will send you a series of questions by email to answer and send back to us. Interview candidates will be selected from those candidates and responses.  Hiring expected on or before the end of July. Sooner for the perfect candidate.



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