QuiltingHub Is The Best Bang For Your Advertising Buck


Deycie Luke owner of a quilt shop in Ririe Idaho was hesitant to advertise on QuiltingHub until she signed up. Here is what she had to say to other shops.

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QuiltingHub Is The Best Bang For Your Advertising Buck

WOW! You've heard 'best bang for your buck?' For my $8, I got more than an hour of the best marketing advice and help I've ever had in my business career [as a shop owner]. Did you know QuiltingHub controls 75% of the quilting advertising market? Think about it; all that for 8 bucks. I'm sorry I ever hesitated to sign up!

QuiltingHub Is The Best Bang For Your Advertising Buck



Editors Note: Look, here is the bottom line. QuiltingHub is the place quilters look for quilting resources. QuiltingHub grew to 2 million page views a month, bought out competitors (like Quilters' Travel Companion) so you advertise once and appear everywhere.  If you are in the quilting business (or have a guild), you HAVE to be a member listing on the QuiltingHub Network, period. It is like a brand not having a booth at Market. You have to.

QuiltingHub is endorsed by QT Fabrics, Hoffman California Fabrics, and countless shops as the best way to grow your business and get help marketing. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your shop, brand, or service today. Go where the industry leaders go to be seen.

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