More Tips for Choosing Colors For Your Quilt


This time, we look at a few more tips to help you select colors for your quilt.

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More Tips for Choosing Colors For Your Quilt

In An Easy Technique For Choosing Colors For Your Quilt, we offered an easy way to help you choose colors. As it does not require knowledge of color theory, it is helpful for beginners. But if you are interested in learning a little more, there are many books and internet sites that will help you better understand the color wheel and color theory. Here are a few ideas that you can try right away to help you choose colors for an eye catching quilt.

How to choose colors for my quilt project?


Take a look at your pattern and decide how many colors you need. You will likely see three to five areas for different colors. For instance, in the piece below, there are nine blocks. Since we like to see odd numbers, this pattern lends itself nicely to dividing by three.

different colors


To make it more interesting, you could stick with three colors, but use them in non-equal quantities. For instance, you could use four blocks of one color, and four blocks of another color and one block of a third color.

Unequal Colors


If you have more area to work with, you can add tints or shades of the three colors. In the original, we used purple, lavender, and green. With more room, we could add light green and blue. Try changing up the shades of the colors to find out what color will be dominant in the project.

Four Up


You can see that by changing up the amounts of colors, or adding shades of some of the colors, you add more things for the eye to look at. At some point, you will get to where it is just confusing… then you know that you went too far.

It is easy to experiment on a computer or by coloring on paper to see what appeals to you. Give it a try with your next quilt and see if it makes your fabric selection easier.


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The basic unit of a quilt top, usually square but can be rectangular or other shapes. Blocks can be pieced, appliqued or plain.
Color Wheel
A circular device that has colors marked on it so you can see the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colors and the tints and shades of each.
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