Taste of Christmas Ornament


This is a fun Christmas ornament you can make for yourself or as a gift.

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Taste of Christmas Ornament

This is a fun Christmas ornament you can make for yourself or as a gift.

Taste of Christmas Ornament


Supplies Needed:

  • 6" Square of White Bamboo or Wool Felt
  • 3" Square of Red Bamboo or Wool Felt
  • Valdani Size 12 Perle Cotton: 3 (White), 117 (Light Grey), & O775 (Variegated Reds)
  • Small amount of freezer paper
  • White tissue paper (the kind you use for gift wrapping)
  • Chenille Size 24 Needle
  • Hanger of your choice (suggestions below)
Taste of Christmas Ornament


  1. Trace the pieces of your peppermint onto the dull side of the freezer paper.
  2. Press the largest "candy wrapper" pieces onto the white felt using a warm iron. Cut out on the lines and remove the freezer paper templates.
  3. Press the small "swirl" template onto the red felt using a warm iron. Cut out on the lines and remove the freezer paper template.
  4. Place the red "swirl" over the center portion of one of the candy wrapper pieces and pin in place. (The second candy wrapper piece will be used as your backing.)


  1. Using a buttonhole stitch and your red (O775) perle cotton, stitch all around the edges of the red "swirl".
buttonhole stitch


  1. Trace the peppermint detail lines onto the white tissue paper. I find it easiest to trace the entire shape and all details so that I can line everything up nicely and pin the tissue paper in place.


  1. Using a stem stitch and O775 red variegated perle cotton, stitch through the tissue paper and your felt pieces to add the details.
Stem stitch


  1. Using 117 (light grey) perle cotton and a stem stitch, stitch the "wrap" details just beyond the "swirl".
  2. The "crinkles" in the wrapper will be stitched using 3 (white) perle cotton and a stem stitch.
  3. Place the finished peppermint ornament on top of the remaining plain "candy wrapper". Using a buttonhole stitch and 3 (white) perle cotton, stitch around the outer edges of the white candy wrapper portion.
  4. The center portion of the candy wrapper where the "swirl" is located will be finished with a buttonhole stitch using O775 (variegated red) perle cotton.
  5. For a hanger, you may either use a store bought hanger, a small piece of clear fishing line, or a narrow piece of white ribbon.


Taste Of Christmas Ornament


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