Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't you list (something)?

The answer is simple. We do not add, edit, start, or stop listings. You do. If something is missing, tell them to add it.


Can my quilt shop appear in the online quilt shops list too?

Yes, there is a setting you can change. Click settings from the admin menu of your listing page. Check the online shop option and click update.


Can I list a service?

Yes, nearly every service type is supported. Quilt shops have services, so do not create another listing. Click advertise for learn more.


Can I hide my address?

Blogs and brands have no address. Services can hide their address using the hide option on the address edit page.


How to add a Page?

Click advertise from any page and follow the directions.


How to Add An Event?

Events are added by admins of any listing. Login, visit your listing, scroll to events and click add an event. Or click advertise then click add an event.

If you are not the admin of your existing listing, click advertise for directions or contact us.


How To Update My Page?

Login, click My Account, click My Pages, click the page, and then click the pencil next to what you wish to edit. If you do not see your page or the pencils, either you are not logged in with right account, or you do not have access. Contact us for assistance.


How Do I Report Page Errors?

Click [No] next to the Is this listing accurate? on the listing detail page. It will notify the owners of the issue. They come in and fix it.


How Do I Verify a Page?

Click [Yes] next to the Is this listing accurate? on any listing detail page you know is accurate. This tells quilters the last date it was verified by a quilter.


How Do I Like or Follow a Page?

Login and from the page click like or follow.


How Do I Report a Missing Page?

Tell the listing owner to do it.


How Do I Report a Missing Event?

Tell them verbally to add it.


How to Find Pages/Events?

In the menu click what you are looking for or click maps.


Redistribution of Pages or Events?

You can share links to any of our pages, but do not copy the content. If you are using our articles for your own personal use or for use in your guild, go ahead. You do not need to contact us. If you copy our content as your own list, you will be asked to remove it, or your site may be removed or your SEO results removed from the search engines by court order.


My Privacy/Personal Information

Your user profile is private unless you make it public.

We do not share your information. We do not spam you or give out your information.

For those with paid listings, your credit card information is stored on Stripe.com, not on our servers. None of us at QuiltingHub have access to your full billing information. It is secure on Stripe.


Adding Admins To Maintain A Page?

Have the new person register as a user. Visit your page, click 'Admins' from the Admin menu on your listing detail page. Add the user using the email address and set thier access.

If you need admin access to a page, contact us or your listing admin.


How to Change My Credit Card?

Login, click My Account, click Credit Card, click Edit.


How to Reactivate a Cancelled/Suspended Page?

Login, click My Account, click My Pages, Click our listing, and click the blue upgrade button on your lsiting detail page.


How to Stop My Credit Card?

Login, click My Account, click Credit Card, click the red button, set the type of cancel and the date, click the red action button.


Billing Frequency/Method?

The billing is monthly for those listings with a fee. We use Stripe.com (a world leader in secured credit card payments). We only bill monthly because it helps keep the information accurate. If you go out of business, we find out fast.

Sponsors can pay yearly. Contact us for more information about being a sponsor.



If you wish to advertise beyond our normal methods, or you wish to become a sponsor; please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to find the best option for you.