Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list a service?

Nearly every service can be listed. If you have a quilt shop, they have services you can select. If you are a service provider (like a long arm quilter), you can even have a service listing running out of your house and hide your exact address. Click 'Add Or Suggest A Page' to begin adding your service or quilt shop today. For a complete list of listing types and any listing fees click here.


Can I hide my address?

If you run a service or a brand out of your house, you can hide your exact address. This is done at the time you publish your member listing. Simply click the edit pencil next to address, and select hide exact address. For a complete list of listing types and any listing fees click here.


How to add a Page?

Click 'Add Or Suggest A Page' from almost anywhere on the site. For a complete list of listing types and any listing fees click here.

If suggesting, you add it, and them email them to claim and activate it.

If adding, you add it and you claim it.


How to Add An Event?

Events are added from your page. Click the events tab on your page to add an event.

If your page exists, but you do not have access to your page, please contact a current admin for the page and request access. You can contact QuiltingHub as well for help.

If your page does not exist, please add it using the Add Or Suggest A Page link found on almost every page.


How To Update My Page?

Login, click My Account, click My Pages, click the page, and then click the pencil next to what you wish to edit. If you do not see your page or the pencils, either you are not logged in with right account, or you do not have access. Ask us for assistance.


How Do I Report Page Errors?

Login and click the red flag icon on the page with the error. Select the error and update. This will send an error report to the admins of that page to fix it.


How Do I Verify a Page?

On each page you will see "Is this information correct? Yes/No." Click Yes if correct, click No is not. You must be logged in to report an error. If verified, this will set the last verified date to today.


How Do I Like or Follow a Page?

Login and from the page click like or follow.


How Do I Report a Missing Page?

Click Add Or Suggest A Page from almost anywhere on the site. Click send invitation to invite the owner to activate the page. For faster results, call the owner.


How Do I Report a Missing Event?

If the page is activate, either email them or report an error using the red flag to notify them. If the page is missing, tell them to add their page and event.


How to Find Pages/Events?

Either use the Search Wizard App found on the home page, or use the Find menu. The App is really the easiest.


Redistribution of Pages or Events?

You can share any single listing as part of normal daily usage. Copying, converting, or otherwise taking the information provided on this website (or any other publication) and presenting it on your website as though it came from your website is absolutely prohibited without prior written permission. Anyone caught doing this will be in violation and we will use every form of the law to not only remove the content, but remove your site or book from publication. In addition, the highest level of damages allowable by law will be sought. It really is best to contact us first before you redistribute our information. We will probably say yes from within a mutual agreement.

if you wish to display any of our lists, contact us to work out an agreement. The eventual plan is that we be the central source for all quilting information, so we would like to hear from you. The advantage to you is that you do not worry about keeping the information accurate.


My Privacy/Personal Information

We do not share your information. We do not spam you or sell your email address.

For those with paid pages, your credit card information is stored on Stripe.com, not on our servers. When entered, your information is securely sent to Stripe. No one at QuiltingHub has any access to your credit card information.


Adding Admins To Maintain A Page?

Have the new person visit your page, click 'User Commands', and click Request Admin Access. You then click "Admin Commands," click "Admins" and then grant the requested access.

If you need Admin access to a page and have no idea who to contact, contact us.


How to Change My Credit Card?

If you have a paid page listing, login, click My Account, click Credit Card, click Edit.


How to Reactivate a Cancelled/Suspended Page?

Go to the Page, Click red 'Activate Page' button next to 'Admin Commands'.


How to Stop My Credit Card?

Change the visibility of each page billed to the card. Visit each page, click 'Admin Commands,' click 'Page Visibility,' and change the setting from 'Member' to what works best for you.


Billing Frequency/Method?

The site is free to use for quilters. For-Profit member listing are billed by credit card via Stripe.com (a world leader in secured credit card payments). We only bill monthly because it helps keep the information accurate. If you go out of business, we find out fast.

Sponsors can pay yearly. Contact use for more information about being a sponsor.



If you wish to advertise beyond our normal methods, or you wish to become a sponsor; please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to find the best option for you.


Become an Author/Writer

There are clear advantages for being an author on the site. You can appear in newsletters and internal articles to increase your reach and enrich our content. If you have ideas, contact us.