Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild

30.00 USD/Year membership fee
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525 S Kansas Ave, Weslaco, Texas, 78596
+1 (740) 398-1629


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Guild Purpose - To preserve and encourage the art of quilting and related needle arts. To provide instruction for its members and to be a gathering place for people with this common interest. Logo - The Texas Star represents or great state. The outside border is the radiant sunshine of the Rio Grande Valley. The stitches outline our state with the needle pointing to the Rio Grande Valley. and, of course ....., the 'thread that binds all quilters' which is represented by the quilting thread and spool. Meetings - Second Saturday, 9 am to Noon, all year round. November thru March we have National quilters providing program classes and lectures; our own guild members provide schoolhouse classes. April thru October programs are presented by our own guild members.


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