Quilters’ Travel Companion Enhanced


Since 1987, Quilters’ Travel Companion has reigned as the king of quilting resources. These 4 new updates will knock your quilted socks off. Read & share now.

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Quilters’ Travel Companion Enhanced

Quilters’ Travel Companion started in 1987 as the leading quilting resources guide and has only grown now that it is continuously updated online more than ever before. With the spike in growth in early 2021, we had to update you with some key topics:

Quilters Travel Companion Enhanced


Key Points:

  • Enhanced Logos
  • Maps enhanced
  • Marketing guidance and support offered
  • Members added resource links to their websites


Enhanced Logos

Today, most organizations have logos. Events now default to your organization's logo. You can still upload a logo to your event. This makes everything look more professional with less effort for our listers.


Map Enhancements

Quilters’ Travel Companion now uses its own maps. We no longer jump to QuiltingHub to do mapping of resources and events. This self-containment is now easy and provides a smooth user experience.

QTC IS MEMBERS ONLY: QTC provides upgraded/member content only. There are no free listings on QTC (except for guilds). This removed the loophole where quilters could still find non-member shops by searching the maps. If you are not a member, you are NO LONGER visible on QTC or any of the other QuiltingHub Network sister sites. You are not visible to 1.2 million page views a month as the member shops are today.

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Marketing Guidance And Support Offered

With your membership on QuiltingHub (free for guilds), you appear on the entire QuiltingHub Network of websites and get free marketing advice customized for your needs and knowledge level (including how to use Facebook). You will not find this superior level of service anywhere. You want to do and be your best, and this guidance is your key to success. Contact us to plug in to this powerful resource.


Resources Links

With the extensive popularity of the QTC, more guilds and shops have been adding links to their websites. Here is what they are adding:


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Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).

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