How to sew stars with perfect intersections


Sewing stars with perfect intersections can be difficult.  Read this detailed article with photos on how to sew 6 and 8 point stars perfectly!

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How to sew stars with perfect intersections


Tip! (Not for the faint of heart)

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My name is Linda Franz and I love the Inklingo method of sewing 6 and 8 pointed stars.
It guarantees my intersections are wonderful. . . no matter how closely you look.


This is another good example of the advantages of printing on fabric with Inklingo.


Print diamonds with Inklingo, cut, and sew.
Printing with Inklingo uses the fabric very efficiently. (See how.).


It is a big advantage to have cutting lines, stitching lines, matching marks, and crosshairs.
See how fine and perfect the lines are?


Start by sewing half stars.


When you join the two halves, "circle the intersection" by passing the needle through the crosshairs,
one pair of seam allowances at a time.

You can see exactly how I do it if you click to watch the video on YouTube..

These stars take about 10 minutes to sew by hand, start to finish!

It is especially nice to have a stack of diamonds printed and ready to go in my portable sewing kit.


Every intersection is perfect!


Stars are fun, but Kaleidoscope Stars are even more impressive.


You can "fussy cut" more easily than ever with the Inklingo No-Waste Method.



This method is the same for 8-pointed stars but each half has 4 diamonds instead of 3.



You can make your first Inklingo 8-pointed stars (LeMoyne Star) in the next few minutes.

Quick Start Guide > Order the FREE shapes, download, and start printing!

The beauty of learning how to print on fabric is that it works for everything from triangles and hexagons
to Double Wedding Ring, Storm At Sea, Joseph's Coat, and dozens of other designs. The Index of Shapes
and the Smart Shopper's Idea Book under the Support tab should keep you inspired.

  • Cut along a line (no measuring, no templates)
  • Sew along a line (precise, easy) by hand
  • Print on scraps and strips (use fabric efficiently)
  • Chain piece by machine
  • Use scissors OR a rotary cutter

There are several articles on the All About Inklingo blog showing how to use LeMoyne Stars.


There are many ways to use stars, like this layout, which is also featured on the blog.

There is another article on Quilting Hub about Inklingo Flying Geese and you can search for Franz or Inklingo to find more on QuiltingHub.

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Fussy Cut
The cutting out of specific areas of a fabric to use the image or motif on the fabric. Often used to isolate animals, flowers, etc from a Conversation Print or Novelty Print fabric. A template may be used to cut out many images to be the same size for use in a block. Because the remaining fabric then looks like Swiss cheese, it is wasteful of fabric.
A quilt block pattern that is pieced so it looks like an image seen through a kaleidoscope.
Rotary Cutter
A very sharp tool that looks like a pizza wheel which is capable of cutting through multiple layers of fabric.
An easy way to create quilt blocks with unique kaleidoscope designs. These designs require a set of identical pieces cut from a print fabric. Rather than finding and cutting each piece individually, a quilter can cut and layer a number of large, identical print rectangles to make a stack.

Same As: Stack-n-Whack, Whack
Wedding Ring
A traditional pattern consisting of arced pieces of squares sewn together to form a ring or circle.
Linda Franz

Linda Franz is the inventor of the amazing brand of Inklingo. It has revolutionized piecing and accuracy for the entire industry. Check out her brand page by clicking Inklingo

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