Quilts Make Noise?


A funny short story about a strange noise coming from the quilting room and what it turned out to be.

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Quilts Make Noise?

By Kelly Woodworth

A Funny & Real Story

My hubby was asleep in bed. It was late and I was sitting there buzzing away on my sewing machine. I had the TV on and it was raining outside. I heard something really strange. I stopped sewing. The noise was louder. Then I turned the TV to mute. The noise was really weird, and it was coming from the right side of my sewing cabinet. I pushed back my sewing chair, got down on my hands and knees, and I opened the bottom drawer and it was definitely coming from in there. It was a noise that I had never heard before.

Quilts Make Noise?


Well, guess what it was? No, it wasn’t a mouse. It was a can of 'Quilt Glide'. You spray it on your table, wipe it off and it’s supposed to make the surface slick so the quilt will glide as you quilt it. I used it the first day I bought it, and then I put it in the bottom drawer of my sewing machine cabinet. It’s probably been in there a couple of years. Thank goodness I was there when it started slowly exploding. Hard telling what kind of a mess it could have made if I hadn’t found it for another year! So be careful if any of you have it laying around.

By the way, it sure smells like WD-40!


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