Quilter's Stash Rules Of Acquisition


We started thinking about the rules of the stash.  Thinking back to Star Trek and the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, I think we can come up with a useful set of rules.

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Quilter's Stash Rules Of Acquisition

A fellow quilter and I were talking the other day about our "stash" or fabric library. Really, I think we should call it a fabric "bank" because we make deposits and withdrawals. I asked her if she ever made deposits without her husband's knowledge, and, of course, the answer was "yes". I asked her if her stash was organized and she said, "Of course! Isn't that a rule?"

Quilter's Stash Rules Of Acquisition


So, we started thinking about the rules of the stash. Thinking back to Star-Trek and The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, I think we can come up with a useful set of rules. If you wish to print out the Fenengi Rules, I'll put a reference at the end of this page. The Ferengi reference # is listed after each of these rules.





  1. Never pay more for fabric than you must. (#3)
  2. Don't let your spouse's negative stares stop you from acquiring fabric. (#6)
  3. Always listen to guild and bee conversations in case someone knows about an upcoming sale. (#7)
  4. Don't let your friend's desire for the same fabric deter you from buying it. (#21)
  5. Make friends with your local shop owner. She might have something good hidden in a corner. (#33)
  6. Never say you have enough fabric! (#45) (#97) (#242)
  7. Beware the friend who asks too many questions about your stash. (#79)
  8. Don't wait until next week to buy what is on sale today. (#141)
  9. Make sure a good restaurant is always near your chosen fabric shop. (#214)
  10. If you buy online, make sure you know the manufacturer of the fabric to avoid disappointment. (#218)
  11. Fabric is its own reward! (41)

Truly, sometimes a fabric just whispers to a quilter to be taken home. Never resist this. Some day that fabric will tell you what it wants to be, and it will be great!




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