Best Way To Determine Your Quilt Size


Stop searching, this is the best way to calculate your quilt size based on the size of the bed it is being made for.

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Best Way To Determine Your Quilt Size

When deciding on a quilt to make, you need to know what size bed it is being made for. You may have done an internet search for standard quilt sizes and found numerous quilt size charts to help you figure out the exact quilt dimensions. Unfortunately, these quilt size charts can differ greatly.

Best Way To Determine Your Quilt Size


So, if you are making a quilt for a particular bed, you should know how to measure that bed, and make adjustments to your pattern, so that the finished quilt will fit the way you want. Read Adapting Your Quilt Design for Your Desired Bed Size.


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Base the quilt size on your bed size

Quilt sizes vary because bed sizes vary. While we are all familiar with the terms twin, double, queen, king and California king. These indicate the standard size of the mattress. When making a quilt, you will need to decide if you want the quilt to be used as a comforter, a coverlet or a bedspread. The comforter hangs over the edges of the bed a little bit. The coverlet is used in conjunction with a dust ruffle, and does not hang all the way to the floor. A bedspread is intended to hang to the floor, and will generally include extra to tuck under the pillows. In order for the quilt to fit properly, you will need to take some measurements of the intended bed, then adjust your pattern accordingly.

It is great to use a quilt size chart as a starting point and a way to double check your measurements. The mattress size chart shows the typical mattress sizes you will find. But, just to make sure, measure the top of your mattress.

Quilt Size Chart
Beds Quilt Sizes
Crib 27" x 52"
Twin 39" x 75"
Full 54" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
California King 72" x 84"
Best Way To Calculate Quilt Size


Take Thickness Into Consideration

Quilt sizes are affected by mattress thickness. The thickness of the mattress is the next measurement you will need. This will help you determine the extra length and width that will hang over the sides of the bed.


Take Drop Into Consideration

Next, you will need to decide how far down the sides of the bed you want the quilt to hang. Some beds sit lower to the ground, while others almost require a step. This affects your quilt size.


Stay Calm & Calculate

Now that you have gathered these measurements, you can do some quick calculations to determine the size you would like your finished quilt to be. Commonly referred to as the finished quilt size.



Calculate Depth Of Mattress

Start with the mattress top size. For this example, let’s use a standard queen bed with a 14" deep mattress.

Calculate Mattress + Depth of Mattress
60" + 14" + 14" = 88"
80" + 14" = 94"


Calculate Drop Length

The size above, 88" x 94", will cover the mattress and hang down the sides to obscure the mattress. Depending on the type of quilt you want (comforter, coverlet, or bedspread) you will need to add to this size to the quilt size. For our example, we will use this quilt on a bed that already has a dust ruffle, so our quilt will not hang to the floor. Measure from the bottom of the mattress to about half way down the dust ruffle. For example, let's say this measurement comes to 12". We will want to add 12" to the length (because it will not hang down at the top of the bed, and 24" to the width, because we want it to hang 12" below the bottom of the mattress on each side.

This is the finished queen size quilt dimensions.

Calculate + Drop Length Beyond Mattress
60" + 14" + 14" = 88" + 12" + 12" = 112"
80" + 14" = 94" + 12" = 106"


Calculate All The Way To The Floor

Let’s now pretend that we wanted the quilt to function as a bed spread. We would need to measure from the bottom of the mattress to the floor, and add it to the original measurements. For our new example, we will use 27":

Calculate + All The Way To The Floor
60" + 14" + 14" = 88" + 27" + 27" = 142"
80" + 14" = 94" + 27" = 121"


Calculate Pillow Tuck

Since this is now to function as a bed spread, we will need to add some extra to the length to allow it to tuck under the pillows, then back up and over the pillows. Typically, the amount you need for tucking is 10", so let’s add that to the length:

Calculate + Pillow Tuck
60" + 14" + 14" = 88" + 27" + 27" = 142"
80" + 14" = 90" + 27" = 121" + 10" = 131"

You can see that standard quilt charts are a nice place to start, but there are variables that you will have to take into consideration, and perhaps make adjustments to your pattern, to get a quilt that will fit like a glove.


But Wait, It’s a Gift

Now, you might be thinking, “I just want to make a quilt for a gift, and I don’t know all of these dimensions.” If that is the case, just choose a quilt pattern that is the size you desire, let’s say a queen or twin. Make the quilt to the dimensions that the pattern calls for. The recipient will be thrilled, and appreciate your hard work and generosity, and use the quilt wherever they like.



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The part of a quilt that hangs down the sides of your mattress.
Pillow Tuck
The part of a quilt that is tucked under a pillow on a bed.
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