3 Great Tips For Cutting Quilt Fabric


Do you think you could do better cutting your applique with scissors? Yes, you can. Follow these three great tips to cutting with scissors.

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3 Great Tips For Cutting Quilt Fabric

Are your cutting skills with scissors just slightly better than a Kindergartner? Have you wanted to begin an appliqué project but put it off because your hands and scissors really don't work well together anymore? There is a simple solution that will be easy on your hands and will help your finished project look like it was cut by a professional.

3 Great Tips For Cutting Quilt Fabric


1. Great Cutting Scissors

If you have any dexterity issues or arthritis, you know that the small finger holes on scissors can be painful to use, or sometimes impossible. Fiskars Micro Tip scissors have eliminated the finger holes so that you may use all of your fingers together with your palm to cut. The soft handles are easy on your hands and since you don’t have to put your thumb through any hole, it won't get the dreaded sore spot! The best Fiskars are the ones with the original blade type, not the titanium as the titanium do not seem to be as sharp even right out of the package.

Great Cutting Scissors


2. How to Achieve Those Smooth Cuts

Now that you have good tools to work with, the next step is using them effectively. Place the unlocked scissors in the palm of your hand and the fabric or paper you wish to cut in the other. Here is the part that will make a difference, move the fabric or paper when you cut, not the scissors! This method breaks up the work between your hands so neither of them become tired and allows you to better see where you are cutting to get nice smooth cuts. Now grab those scissors and get to cutting out your next beautiful appliqué project.

How to Achieve Those Smooth Cuts


3. Need More Cutting Options?

If you find that scissors are just not working for you, think about treating yourself to one of the many new cutters designed especially for quilters. Some will actually scan your pattern pieces and cut them out for you like the Brother ScanNCut and Brother ScanNCut2 while others are die-based like the Accuquilt GO! line and the Sizzix line. Most stores that sell these products will have a sample that you can try out to see if it is right for you. Have fun and be a real “cut-up” so you can get on with your quilting.


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