4 Top Methods to Stop Bleeding Fabric


Bleeding fabric has happened to all of us. A frustrating as it is, there are 4 great methods to stop fabric bleeding. We cover them here.

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4 Top Methods to Stop Bleeding Fabric

Have you ever purchased or been given some beautiful fabric only to discover that it bleeds or releases lots of dye when water touches it? There are many options to try to stop the discharge of the dye.

4 Top Methods to Stop Bleeding Fabric


1. White Vinegar to Stop Dye Discharge?

In the past we were told to soak our fabrics in white vinegar, which occasionally works.

Vinegar to stop fabric bleading


2. Salt Water to Stop Bleeding Fabric?

Another suggestion was to soak our fabric in salt water, which rarely worked.

Salt to stop fabric bleading


3. Modern Products to Stop Bleeding Fabric

Modern technology has given us Synthrapol and Retayne, which can be purchased at your local quilt or craft store and both products are said to work well. However, what is a quilter to do if you don’t have Synthrapol or Retayne and the stores are closed?

Retayne or Synthrapol to stop fabric bleading


4. Bleeding Fabric and No Commercial Products to Stop It – No Problem!

Head to your kitchen and grab the original green Palmolive liquid that you use to wash your dishes. This inexpensive dish washing liquid will help your fabric release the excess dye and will allow you to get back to quilting! Simply run water in your sink that is the temperature you will eventually be using to wash your finished quilt, add a generous amount of original green Palmolive liquid to the water and then place your fabric in the water and agitate. (PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE. The bubbles are way to plentiful for your washing machine to handle.) Let your fabric soak for 20-30 minutes agitating it occasionally. Let the water out of the sink and rinse. If the water does not run clear, run another Palmolive bath for your fabric and repeat the process. Depending on the fabric, it may take two to three Palmolive baths to stop the color discharge completely, but it is better to stop it now than complete a quilt and have it ruined during the first wash. When the water runs clear, place your fabric in the washing machine with a Shout Color Catcher to make sure that no more dye is being released and then you will be ready to use your fabric with the confidence that it is now colorfast.

Palmolive to stop fabric bleading


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The effect when there is excess dye in fabric or dye that has not been properly set. The wash water will take on the color of the dye and it will set on other fabric.
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