Be An Unorthodox Quilter - And Love It!


You can use a serger to piece blocks. It may be unorthodox, but it is fun and it works! Read all about it here.

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Be An Unorthodox Quilter - And Love It!

OK, I admit it. I don’t like to stay within the lines. I don’t like to follow a recipe exactly. I don’t like to follow a pattern exactly. I think that’s a good thing. My hubby disagrees, though, and will sometimes tell me, "These cookies are perfect! Write down what you did and don’t change it!" Yeah, right.

Be An Unorthodox Quilter - And Love It!


Which brings us to piecing blocks on the serger. Yes, the serger. I know it’s unusual, but that’s the fun of it!


The blocks for this quilt, with the exception of the half-square triangles, were pieced on the serger. We have traveled a lot, and have been in a lot (a whole lot) of casinos. I like to play the slot machines; hubby likes the Blackjack table. I decided to take the serger with us to Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Tunica, MS. Then, if the slots weren’t being good to me, I could pursue my favorite hobby.

serger quilt


There’s some great things about traveling with a serger:

  • No bobbins.
  • Big cones of thread mean not having to pack thread.
  • It is not as big nor as heavy as the sewing machine.

So, while His Nibs was downstairs winning (one can hope) on the Blackjack table, I was in the room with the ironing board set up, the TV on and my serger on the table just sewing up a storm. Maybe a small bottle of Scotch was involved. This arrangement made us both happy.

I believe this quilt to be an original pattern; it is hard to say for sure, since you never know where you might have gotten the inspiration. And how much you might have changed the pattern.

I worked on this quilt while our grandson, a Marine, was deployed in Iraq during the first few months of 2003. I designed it for him. It makes no sense, but I felt as long as I was sewing on his quilt, he would be safe.

And he was! We gave the quilt to him in 2003 when he was home on leave.


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Moving a hot iron while it has contact with fabric. Often ironing can stretch and distort fabrics and seams. A better alternative is to press, where you just lay the hot iron down and lift straight up from the fabric.

See Also: Pressing
The process of assembling quilt blocks from pieces of fabric sewn along their edges to form a whole.

See Also: English Paper Piecing, Assembly Piecing, Machine Piecing, Chain Piecing, Paper Piecing, Hand Piecing
A type of sewing machine which makes overcast seams and cuts off the excess automatically.
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