10 Different Quilting Project Ideas


10 great project ideas for those of you having trouble deciding what to do with your quilting time/talent since all your beds were covered. share with your friends!

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10 Different Quilting Project Ideas

Originally quilts were made out of necessity to keep warm when heat sources were scarce, but now we have more options for ways to utilize our quilts. What is your favorite inventive way to use your quilts?

10 Different Quilting Project Ideas


1. Quilts on the Bed for Warmth and Decoration

Lots of quilt makers create bed-sized quilts, but at some point we all run out of beds to cover and need to think of other ways to incorporate our quilts into our decor so let’s explore the options.

Quilt on the Bed for Warmth


2. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way to decorate your home and can be changed out seasonally to give your home a fresh look. Because these quilts are smaller, they offer a great opportunity to try new techniques or ones that are a bit more time consuming. They also make really nice gifts and can brighten up a dorm room, nursing home, or other small space without taking up valuable space.

Wall Hangings


3. Pillows

Would you just love to make a design that has tons of pieces, but you don’t want to make enough blocks for a wall hanging or bed-sized quilt? A pillow allows you to make only one block and see if you enjoy it enough to make a larger project.

Quilted Pillow


4. Valances

When you have a really small space and no wall space available, making a window valance out of Quilt blocks can be the perfect way to bring the Quilt love into a room or carry the Quilt theme from room to room.

Quilted Valance


5. Quilted Table Toppers or Table Cloths

Quilted table toppers or tablecloths can bring lots of cheer to a room. This is also a great way to disguise a table that may need a bit of refinishing. It is also a great way to use Quilt blocks that you originally were creating to make a bed-sized Quilt but lost interest in completing for the bed.

Quilted Table Topper


6. Quilted Dresser Decor

Bring the beauty of your bed Quilt over to your dresser or chest of drawers by making a quilt runner for your storage solutions. This type of Quilt can carry your Quilt’s color pallet around the room while also protecting your dresser top (or covering it up).

Quilted Dresser Decor


7. Quilts for Coziness

Throw-sized quilts are great to use on the back or your couch or chair to help create that cozy feeling in the room. The extra plus is that your Quilt is always within easy reach.

Throw Quilt


8. Quilts for Decor and More

Quilted Decorating Possibilities


Throw-sized quilts also offer decorating possibilities on quilt racks or ladders, or in glass quilt chests. With this size quilt you can use the Quilt to keep warm and to decorate. You may even decide to get more creative and use a Quilt to upholster a chair or loveseat.

Quilted Decorating Possibilities


9. Quilted Clothing

Display your quilting passion as a walking billboard. Perhaps you would like to wear your passion as a jacket or skirt. Lots of quilters will use a sweatshirt as the foundation of a jacket and add Quilt squares or appliqués as embellishment for interest or warmth. Other quilters choose to use small blocks like the type created using paper piecing to make a border for a skirt to match their quilted jacket.

Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket


10. Quilted Totes, Purses and Pouches Oh My!

Carry your quilting with you everywhere! Yes, it is possible to show your quilts off as a traveling display by making them into totes, purses, and quilted pouches. There are even patterns available for quilted wallets.

So, what is your favorite way to incorporate your quilting passion into your daily life?

Pretty Pouches


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The basic unit of a quilt top, usually square but can be rectangular or other shapes. Blocks can be pieced, appliqued or plain.
A strip of fabric or pieced strip of fabric joined to the edges of the inner quilt and used to frame it.
Decorative stitches or items that are added to a quilt, including buttons, beads, charms, or embroidery or other thread.
Paper Piecing
A method of hand piecing using paper templates of shapes to assist you with cutting, piecing and sewing accurately. The paper is used as a guide for sewing and then later removed.

See Also: English Paper Piecing, Assembly Piecing, Machine Piecing, Chain Piecing, Hand Piecing, Piecing
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