Small Quilting Project Ideas To Enjoy


Quilting is fun and big quilts can consume too much time to enjoy. Here are some small quilting project ideas to spark and enjoy today! Love and share.

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Small Quilting Project Ideas To Enjoy

Do you know that satisfaction you feel when you complete a bed-size quilt? It’s great isn’t it?

Small Quilting Project Ideas To Enjoy


Sometimes in life we get bogged down with the large projects and just can’t get back to our hobby because we haven’t felt that "ah" of satisfaction for a while because we have been working on one large (or time-consuming) project that we just haven’t finished yet, or need to take a break from. That’s when you know it is time for a "palette cleanser", a little "instant gratification", or a "done!" moment.


Ocean's Beauty
Nautical Nicities


Small and Simple – According to You

Remember that this small project is one that you are choosing for a bit of instant gratification and decide what the goal is before picking out your project. Do you want something you can stitch up in a week, a weekend, or a long afternoon? Pick your project accordingly. If you have been working on a hand-quilted king-sized quilt that has taken over a year, your idea of a "quick project" might be completely different than someone who works by machine and feels bogged-down by a project that they didn’t get from the bolt of fabric in the quilt shop to the long-arm quilter within a month, or a week. Is your "ah" measured in "I completed a block in a weekend", or "I made a pillow in an afternoon", or" I finished one yo-yo and it only took me 5 minutes?"


Dancing Dolphins
Pretty Pouches 2


What is Your Simple?

Does a simple project mean one that comes in a kit where you don’t need to make color choices on fabrics and threads, or is that your "happy place" deciding on how to re-imagine the pattern designer’s vision? Do you want a small project that you can pick out just one or two fabrics and stitch as soon as the fabric comes out of the washing machine? Do you have gifts to make for birthday’s, Christmas, or a baby shower and just need ideas of something quick that you can make using different colors that would make each of the recipients smile as much as you did when you were getting your quilting mojo back with the quick finish?


Little Miss Quacker
Rita Ribbit Pinkeep 2


Fun and Done!

Whether your idea of satisfaction comes in the form of a wall hanging, a pillow cover, a table runner, a pin cushion, or a single yo-yo, find that happy project that can be "fun and done" to keep your quilting mojo going strong for years to come.


Simple Shellegance
3D Fishy Fun


Crabby on the dock
Maaally Pinkeep


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