Changing Sewing Machine Needles


Answers the question of how often you should change your sewing machine needles and some key things to consider.

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Changing Sewing Machine Needles

How often should I change my sewing machine needle? Contessa has heard this question many times from quilters, so here are a few suggestions.

Changing Sewing Machine Needles


Suggestions for Times to Change Your Sewing Machine Needle

Changing your sewing machine needle often will help to give you the best results when stitching and will prove to be a smart investment of time and money in making our machine function to its highest potential and give you the most reliable service.

One best practice is to change your sewing machine needle right before you start a new project, this is especially important if you are starting a large quilt. By doing this, you know that you are starting fresh with the best supplies that you can and that your machine will be ready to treat your fabrics right so that they will last well and not get snagged by an old rough needle.

Truly take note of how your fabric looks as it passes under the machine needle and change your needle any time that you see even the slightest run or snag in your fabric after stitching. Needles are far cheaper than a ruined quilt.

Each time you perform routine maintenance on your machine (oiling, dusting, deep cleaning) treat your machine to a fresh needle too. This seemingly small effort can save you big money when it comes to repairs. A needle that breaks when you are sewing can not only damage the machine, but can also fly up and hit you in the face or eye – Ouch!

If you hear any “strange noises” when you are sewing, stop immediately, check your needle, if there is even the slightest bend, burr, or other imperfection take it out of the machine and dispose of it responsibly. A needle that is bent will usually cause a bit of a metallic screeching sound – that is your warning to stop before it is too late.

Most machine needles cost less than $1 each, most service professionals will charge a minimum of $75 to service your machine in any way, so spend that single and save your money to buy more fabrics and patterns to create more beauty and warmth for your family and friends.


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