5 Tips To Quilting In Your RV


Quilters who spend time in their RVs face the same issue over and over. How will I store the things that I need? Quilting Contessa shares 5 great tips to share.

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5 Tips To Quilting In Your RV

Quilters who spend summers, or at least long vacations, in their RVs face the same issue over and over. How will I store the things that I need? Here are some hacks that Contessa has found to be useful.

5 Tips To Quilting In Your RV


  1. If your spouse wants to replace that big old cathode ray type tube television at the top front of your RV with a flat screen, encourage him! Have him turn that old empty space into a cupboard with a door on which to hang the new flat screen. Those old TVs took lots of space and you would be surprised how much fabric you can hide there – yards!


  1. If you have always used these 12" square storage boxes, they don’t fit well into most RV cupboards, so you may need to rethink and switch to a different size box which stores nicely.


  1. A nice hassock for your feet can double as a place to store your current project. These are foldable and store flat when you are moving but set up quickly and work to keep your current project "under your feet", so to speak.


  1. The older RV washer-dryer combinations didn't have the best reputations, but the newer ones are great, and I couldn’t live without mine. Whether to wash fabric or felt wool, it can be done.


  1. Put a barn quilt square in your front window when set up to let others know that you are a quilter. Who knows? Maybe you can borrow just a tad of thread when you need a good color!
barn quilt


And last, but not least, use the travel features of QuiltingHub to find out where the next quilt shops and shows will be! A short stop can break up your travels and who knows, maybe you will learn something new!


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