Hanger Safe: A Gift For All Time


Create a hanger safe (perhaps as a gift) to store your valuables. Quilting Contessa shares some wonderful project ideas. Share with your friends.

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Hanger Safe: A Gift For All Time

Even Egyptians hid items in safes. They used a small wooden box with a pin tumbler lock. The need to hide valuable items is universal. Where do you hide your valuables? In the cookie jar? Behind a painting? Do you own a small safe? What do you do in your RV or in your college dorm?

Hanger Safe: A Gift for all Time


This hanger safe makes it possible to disguise some valuables by hanging them in the closest under your clothes. Here is a hanger safe for a friend who sang in a choir. No one would think it strange even if they did notice this decorated hanger under a heavy sweater or coat. She could just explain that it was a gift from a friend, and she sort of had to use it. (Rolls eyes)



A hanger safe can hide a passport, ID card, jewelry, gift cards, small amounts of cash, or even the combination to another safe. Such a gift can be used by RVers, college students, business travelers, or residents of a nursing home or assisted living. Even a child might think a hanger safe was a cool place to hide treasured toys.



It is important to match the safe to the user and to the use. This safe was made for a farm child to take to college. It would be easy to pass this off as a gift made by a somewhat crazy grandmother. By saying that her mother insisted that she bring it to college, so as not to hurt her grandmother’s feelings, all curiosity drifts away.



Here are the supplies needed to make a hanger safe. You need a 14" zipper or the correct size for your project. You can download any number of patterns from the Internet or you can make your own by tracing the hanger and adding for seams, etc. You can use almost any fabric: denim, upholstery fabric, felt, or cotton. Depending on the fabric, you can decide to either add a lining or interfacing.



The process is quite simple. Cut 2 outer shells, and 2 linings if you use one. Install the zipper – hide it or decorate it to disguise it. Finish any edges if needed, and sew the seams. You may use the directions from a downloaded pattern, but don’t be afraid to create your own.

Freezer pattern


Lastly, always put a penny in it! This is a long-held tradition of good luck. It means that there will always be money in a purse, wallet, or other bag designed to hold money. It is a wish that the item will never not have money in it. Some say that the money should be silver to remove negativity. Some say that you should sew the coin into the lining so that it never gets lost.


Whatever path you choose, a hanger safe makes a great gift. In fact, you can even use a Christmas one to "wrap" a present!



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