Quilters Need An Artist Statement


An artist statement answers the question, "What do I want to do with my art?"  This article examines why an artist statement would be helpful to quilters.

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Quilters Need An Artist Statement

An artist statement is often required for applications to artist in residence programs. Sometimes they are required for a quilter who is applying for an exhibition. If you are developing a portfolio of your work, it helps with the understanding of your vision as a quilter. It might even be helpful to include if you want to be hired as a teacher. An artist statement can strengthen your online presence. Sometimes an artist creates a statement for overall work or for a single piece.

Quilters Need An Artist Statement


Simply put, an artist statement tells the reader WHAT you are doing, WHY you are doing it, and HOW you are doing it. It may also include your motivation, mission, and methods. For example, the statement may include that you make quilts for such as for family, foster children, or veterans. It might include that the reason you make them is to meet a specific need and give examples such as warmth, recognition, heritage. The "how" might include something specific like mixed media.



My Artist Statement

Textile Artist specializing in Conservation

Using textiles, I create images to raise awareness of species and places that need conservation.

Specifically, I promote:

  • Protection of endangered and threatened plants and animals
  • National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and public lands
  • Recycling, rescuing, reusing, and re-purposing of textiles

My two main goals in presenting my art are to:

  • Discuss conservation
  • Teach textile crafts, historically considered women's work


By now, you would like to know how an artist statement will benefit you specifically. First, you ARE an artist. Whether or not you are thinking about art as you quilt, you do work with designs, colors, textures, etc. Sometimes artists lose their "mojo" (superpower). They get stuck and stop working for a time. They lose motivation and focus. It's at this time that a quilter can go back to his or her artist statement to see where they wandered off the path. This statement can help you refocus on your mission. It can help you look around at your community and world to see where there is inspiration and focus for you.



An artist statement is not a lifetime commitment. You can revisit it as often as you need to. If it inspires you, it will inspire others!


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