What Is New In Modern Quilting


Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon 2022 had some interesting styles, trends, and quilts on display. Let's explore some of the most amazing in this fun article.

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What Is New In Modern Quilting

Can you believe that the modern quilt movement is reaching ten years old? I remember attending the first local Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It was exciting to meet so many new quilters, young quilters, and serious business quilters with everyone bringing a fresh interpretation to quilt land while still cherishing old traditions.

What Is New in Modern Quilting


Back in the day, the new background color was gray. Then, faceted geometrics became popular. Now, my town hosted MQG QuiltCon. So I got to attend and see first hand what is new in modern quilting.


520 by Mickey McReynolds

Black & White with a pop of color was trending at QuiltCon. Cityscapes were also a popular theme. This is my favorite in the show - combining both aesthetics brilliantly to show a hometown at night with freeway lights in the foreground.

520 by Mickey McReynolds


Through the Looking Glass by Olga Bocharova

Next to the random log cabin, Dresden plate and oversized clam shells were favored blocks.

Temperature Quilts were a trendy new category, featuring rainbow colors and quarantine stories. Embellishment was (for me) a happy addition to modern quilting. Traditional embroidery, yo-yos, and even fancies like pom-poms and yarn couching were used.

Olga Bocharova


Mars by Sarah Ruiz

Of course, Words are still popular in modern quilting, albeit extra creative.

Matchstick quilting is the go-to texture feature. Most exciting in quilting: lots of metallic thread!

Mars by Sarah Ruiz


1969 by Susan Santisteven

"Use of Negative Space" and "Minimalist Design" are quilt show categories unique to modern quilting. These quilts need to be seen in person.

I hoped you enjoyed a traditional quilter's view of QuiltCon. Thanks for sharing my adventure.

1969 by Susan Santisteven


Life In water

One for the road. This one is titled "Life in Water" by a quilter from Sweden, whose name I can't find. Maybe you know who created this unique pictorial tribute to preventing water pollution, created out of old sheets.

Life in Water


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Decorative stitches or items that are added to a quilt, including buttons, beads, charms, or embroidery or other thread.
Log Cabin
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