A Gift Quilt Project - Chameleon Pillows


Are you a quilter searching for great gifts ideas for the holidays? This is a wonderful chameleon pillows as a fun Christmas gift for all.

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A Gift Quilt Project - Chameleon Pillows

These pillows with easy on-and-off covers are great to have around. You can decorate one for Christmas, one for Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc., and one for everyday use.

Right now, we’re concentrating on Christmas! Isn’t everyone?

A Gift Quilt Project - Chameleon Pillows


This would make a good gift for someone when the pillow form is included. And if you have a very special someone, you could make several holiday pillow covers and give them along with one pillow. What a great gift that would be!

Let’s get started. First, choose your pillow size. My favorite is a 14-inch form. Cut backing and batting to 15 inches. Choose fabric to stripe as the sample pillow, or choose an overall print if you wish.

You can probably tell I’m not a symmetrical person … but if you are, feel free to run your fabric strips straight across or up and down. Just pay attention to one-way fabrics!


Layer the backing and batting, using a little glue. Assuming you’re using strips, place the first one down on the batting, face up, where you want it.

Chameleon Pillows 1


Use glue to hold it in place and put your next strip to the top or bottom, right sides down and even with the edge of the first strip. Sew this strip down and press. Do the same with the opposite strip. These can be the same size or not. It’s your pillow!

Chameleon Pillows 2


Now it’s time to add the third strip (or however many you’re using; it’s entirely up to you) to the bottom and top. After these are sewn, give the whole thing a good pressing.

Chameleon Pillows 3


Choose a fabric for the pillow back. Color doesn’t matter. It could be off-white or white or natural or a print of some sort. You can see mine are off-white with a little print pattern.


You will need two pieces cut to 13 x 15 inches. On each of these two, turn under one 15-inch edge 1/4 inch or so, twice, and stitch that down so there are no raw edges. Now fold that seamed edge to the inside so that the pieces measure 10 inches. Stitch down.

Chameleon Pillows 4


This will allow the two pillow back pieces to overlap. Place these, right side down, on the pillow top, right sides facing.

Chameleon Pillows 5


Sew all around the four sides. Clip the corners and turn through the overlap. Smooth edges and poke out corners.


Put your pillow form in and there you have it!

Chameleon Pillows 6


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The fabric on the back of a Quilt Sandwich (Top, Batting and Backing).

Same As: Lining
The layer in the middle of a quilt sandwich between the Top and Backing layers consisting of wool, polyester, blends, silk, or cotton.

Same As: Stuffing, Filling, Wadding, Filler
Method of using an iron to press seams and blocks. This means simply pressing downwards on the seam with the iron from above and not moving the iron back and forth which can distort the block or seam.
Picking a hot iron up off your fabric or quilt top and then putting it down in another place to remove the wrinkles. When you press your fabric, you do not slide the hot iron.

See Also: Ironing
A construction technique in which long, narrow pieces of cloth are joined lengthwise, sometimes with long rows of quilt blocks, to form a quilt top. The term "strip" can be used to describe the long pieces of fabric between blocks (see Sashing) or to describe the small, narrow remnants used in string patchwork.

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