A Gift Quilt Project - Christmas Napkins


Here is a very fun and simple project to sew Christmas Napkins that requires no batting and no quilting! Read on and make them yourself as a gift.

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A Gift Quilt Project - Christmas Napkins

What? No quilting? No batting in this project?

Hello again, everyone!

Do we have our Christmas jingle on? Are we in the Christmas mood yet? I sure hope so, because I have a great one for you today.

A Gift Quilt Project - Christmas Napkins


First of all, know that you can make these napkins colorful, funky or very stately depending on the fabric you choose. This requires two fabrics for each napkin and each can be folded to either side. I’m going to show you several different ones so you can choose what’s best for your Christmas table. Or tables!

To make the template used for these, cut a 9-inch by 18-inch piece of something … I say that because I use freezer paper, but you can use plain paper, parchment, etc. In fact, my first pattern came from a friend and was cut from newspaper. The freezer paper pattern can be ironed onto the fabric for cutting, peeled off and used again and again.


Fold your paper in half so it is 9 x 9, creasing the center. Draw a gradual half-circle from one corner edge to the center fold. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just so the two sides are the same. Now, with it still doubled, cut out the pattern. It should look something like this.

Christmas Napkins 1


Choose your fabric and iron (or pin) the pattern on. Cut around the template and do the same with your second choice for this napkin. The pattern doesn’t do so well with one-way designed fabric unless you fiddle with it a lot. I don’t like fiddling; to me it’s akin to pinning.

With right sides together, sew with a 1/4” seam allowance around the semi-circle, leaving about 4 to 5 inches open on the straight side for turning. Clip corners, turn and smooth seam.


Press, then top stitch, sewing closed the turning opening. Here are my three samples ready for top-stitching.

Christmas Napkins 2


All that’s left to do is fold ‘em up!

Here are the folding instructions. Begin with straight edge on your left. Fold about 1/3 of the top down, as shown, matching straight sides.

Christmas Napkins 3


Now bring that corner back up and align it with the folded edge.

Christmas Napkins 4


Turn entire piece over, holding already folded edge together.

Christmas Napkins 5


Fold the corner (upper left) down, with the straight edge lined up with the last fold.

Christmas Napkins 6


And, my friends, that’s it! You can adjust them to be even on the sides or overlapping, as are the finished ones below. One of the best things about these napkins is that they fit the lap so nicely and don’t slide off.


Here are the three different finished napkins. If you plan to make some for a gift, check out a local discount store for a cute metal holder or basket to put them in.


Christmas Napkins 7
Christmas Napkins 8
Christmas Napkins 9


Merry Christmas!


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