Quilt Fabric Shopping - Physical vs Online?


Do you prefer to shop at online quilt shops or brick and mortar quilt shops? We cover the benefits of each. What are your thoughts?

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Quilt Fabric Shopping - Physical vs Online?

How Do You Prefer to Shop For Your Fabric And Notions?

As quilters we all have our favorite "go-to" sources for tools and supplies. Here are a few reasons that the Quilting Contessa likes each of these shopping options. What is your favorite way to shop?

Quilt Fabric Shopping - Physical vs Online?


Virtues of Brick and Mortar Quilt Shops

  1. A brick and mortar quilt shop is able to give you personal help and attention whether you are picking out your fabric for a new project or having a bit of difficulty with a pattern. The helpful employees are there to lend guidance.
  2. You can feel the fabric and see the quality in person, which makes it easier to match colors.
  3. You can make great friends in the store and take classes utilizing the supplies you purchased there. Some stores even offer a discount on the class-related supplies.
  4. You get to see project samples in person, which gives you a better idea of size and difficulty than just looking at a pattern cover online.
Brick and Mortar Quilt Shop


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Benefits of Shopping Online Quilt Shops

  1. Shopping online allows you to shop in your jammies when brick and mortar stores are closed.
  2. Online stores are sometimes able to offer lower prices because their overhead is lower since they typically do not need to employ as many people and the storage of their goods does not have to be elegantly displayed.
  3. If you don’t have a local quilt shop to visit, reputable online stores are a great way to purchase the items you need and comparison shop.
  4. Variety! There are so many online quilt shops that you can visit more shops in a shorter period of time with no travel expenses.
Quilt Shopping in Your Jammies


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Do you have more reasons to love shopping brick and mortar or online? Please share with us your favorite reasons and help your fellow quilters discover a new way to enjoy our spectacular hobby.


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