How To Attract More Customers To Your Online Quilt Shop?


The quilting age demographics is now younger than it was 5 years ago. The way we attract and retain younger people is completely different than we as online quilt shop owners are accustomed.

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How To Attract More Customers To Your Online Quilt Shop?

No one can argue more online quilt shops are open than ever. Also, the demographics of the quilters have changed in the last five years (read QuiltingHub Demographics). It does not take a rocket scientist to see the two are related. We have more younger quilters, and the way they think and act is completely different than we may be accustomed. Not knowing how they think and act can hurt our online shops. Here are some thoughts on attracting younger customers.

Younger quilters (generally those who use computers and smart phones) have some general characteristics:

The Younger Customers
Older (What we are use to)
  • Search the internet for shops & information.
  • Ask friends or read books.
  • Refer friends electronically.
  • Refer friends verbally.
  • Use online ratings & likes to decide to visit.
  • Use friend referrals to decide to visit.
  • Learn from online videos (like YouTube).
  • Learn from classes & guilds.
  • Use pre-cuts & kits. Less from scratch.
  • May do kits or scratch projects.
  • Buying online is normal.
  • Buy in stores and some online.
  • Seek price over quality.
  • Seek quality & relationships.

    Conclusions and Your Actions

    You need to be found, have lots of likes, high ratings, supply training videos, pre-cuts, kits, and low prices.

    How/What To Do
  • Be Found:
  • You need to be high on Google searches.  This means having a completed member page on QuiltingHub and a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan from an expert.
  • Have Lots Of Likes & High Ratings:
  • Encourage your customers to like & rate you on Facebook, QuiltingHub, and anywhere else. Do this in all communications: emails, packing slips, newsletters, and stickers on boxes.
  • Supply Training Videos:
  • Look at the success of Jenny Doan and her training videos.  Do at least some of it.
  • Supply pre-cuts & kits:
  • Supply what you train on and similar items, so they buy from you.
  • Low Prices:
  • Do your best.


    In Summary

    Young quilters use your web presence to find, decide to visit, and rate you. Their sources of information are Facebook, your website, and shop search sites like QuiltingHub. Get on all of these. Each helps boast your Google results. Use your SEO expert as a guide.  Choose this person wisely based on other customers having excellent results. If not, find someone else.  Seriously! Do not cut corners here.

    Additional Comments to QuiltingHub Members

    Some online quilt shops get more traffic from QuiltingHub than others. When we delve into why that is, we discover that shops owners need to have a complete listing and get their rating/likes up. To do this, we suggest the following:

    • Click the Page Completion Guide on your detail page.
    • Get your QuiltingHub shops page likes and ratings up. This is VERY important.

    If you have not done these things, you may see lack luster performance.  If you have done it, you have success.


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