Top 6 Facebook For Business Mistakes


We share with you the top 6 mistakes you make on your Facebook business pages that are costing you dearly. Please share with everyone.

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Top 6 Facebook For Business Mistakes

The quilting industry relies on Facebook to market themselves to quilters. QuiltingHub and Quilters' Travel Companion has helped guide you since the beginning. Here are our top tips on the most common mistakes we have seen the industry make in marketing their shops, guilds, services, museums, and brands:

Top 6 Facebook For Business Mistakes


1. No Facebook Page

Facebook gives a large amount of visibility for free. It is often a go-to place for basic information. If you do not even have a Facebook page for your organization, this is the single biggest mistake you can make and it is costing you dearly.



2. Wrong or Out-of-Date Information

It is very bad when your address, website, phone number or other basic information is wrong. It either sends the wrong message or loses people. Both can be devastating and send an unprofessional message that you do not want to give.



3. No Recent Posts

If you have not posted something in a while, people may assume you either are out of business or are not interested in your customers/supporters. Make sure you post at least something regularly.



4. Wrong Posts

Posting the correct content is a science and varies depending on your organization type and what you do. We have extensive experience in this area, so please contact us or see the article recommendations below this article for guidance. The basic idea is that you post information about things that will keep your customers or supporters engaged in what you do. No unrelated posts or any hot or divisive topics not related to quilting. No information about you, your family, home, or pets. Focus on the right things that have an impact.

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5. Wrong Cover Photo Or Logo

Your logo should have your organization's name clearly visible. Your cover page should represent a clear idea of what your organization is about. If your logo is a person's face (with no words), and your cover photo is a photo of nature this will not work. They need to know in 1/4 of a second what you do based on these two photos. If you need guidance, please contact us or read the related articles.



6. Paying For Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool, but you should NOT be paying for it. Yes, you can pay a person in your organization to manage it, but do not set up a marketing budget and pay Facebook for advertising. It no longer works. Newspapers, Facebook, Phone Books are not places to spend your advertising budget. Spend it on something with proven returns like QuiltingHub. Just spend your time on events and making effective posts on Facebook to engage and grow your Facebook followers.



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