Growing Your Quilt Shop With Facebook


A brief discussion of why and how to use Facebook to grow your quilt shop business.

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Growing Your Quilt Shop With Facebook

Why? - More Referrals

Traditionally, we rely on our shop customers verbally referring us to other customers. This is painfully slow. It may take a month for one person to refer you to three other new customers.

Facebook (and other social media) have the power to speed and multiplication to accomplish more in less time. One customer may share your Facebook post about a sale to 15-30 people in 1 day.

Which is better: 3 people in 1 month or 30 in 1 day? Well, yeah 30!

Growing Your Quilt Shop With Facebook

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What Is Involved?

To have a Facebook page, you must create a business page on Facebook using your personal Facebook account. See the Facebook directions on creating a page. Fill it out completely by adding a logo, cover image, shop address, hours, and description.

Post something at least every week, ever other day, or daily. Pick one you can manage. If you can't, hire a teenage relative. They live on Facebook and will enjoy helping.



What to Post?

You can post anything that your followers will likely want to share or things that draw attention to your shop.

  • Upcoming events
  • Sales
  • New Products
  • Project Ideas
  • Teasers for your classes
  • Projects in progress
  • Completed projects by you or your customers

Try to word things in a way that make people want to share the post.

I like posting customer projects best, because when you highlight them, your customers are far more likely to share the post with their friends. If you can take the photos next to a sale sign or something else in the shop that will catch the eye, you get a further benefit.

It takes time to get likes and build up a page. Do not get discouraged by the initial slow progress. Do not stop. Before QuiltingHub became the number one shop search site in the world, we started with no Facebook likes and no traffic. Everyone starts there.  Today we have over 40,000 likes, and over 100,000 quilters use the site.



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