My Address Is Missing From My Facebook Page


We noticed our members' Facebook pages have been losing their addresses making it hard for quilters to find them. We discuss the issue and how to fix it.

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My Address Is Missing From My Facebook Page

Due to changes in Facebook, an increasing number of business Facebook pages have had their location addresses disappear. This is costly because people looking to search for you or visit you will not succeed.

My Address Is Missing From My Facebook Page


The Solution

To fix this:

  1. Go To Your Facebook page logged in as admin
  2. Go to Page Settings
  3. Select Edit Page Info
  4. Scroll down to Location
  5. Make sure your address is in place and correct
  6. Make sure "My Page doesn't have a location" is not checked
  7. Here is an ugly bug on Facebook; you may need to change this setting by flipping the checkbox one way or the other. However, if you made a mistake in 5 or 6 above, leave this alone for now. (see image)
How to Edit Facebook Location


Test Your Changes

To test this, open a new tab on your browser, then cut and paste your Facebook page into the address bar and touch enter. If possible, hit page refresh. If your address appears on the top left, you fixed it! If not, go back in and verify everything above and flip the setting in step 7. Repeat the verification in this paragraph. Sometimes this takes a minute to be visible.

If you still get stuck, contact-us.

Facebook Page Address


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