My Facebook Page Has Limited Visibility


Many of our members' Facebook pages have become invisible to quilters and searches. We discuss the issue and how to fix it.

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My Facebook Page Has Limited Visibility

For a variety of reasons many Facebook business pages are invisible to:

  • Search Engines like Google
  • Users not logged in to Facebook (which is why search engines can not see it)
  • Facebook users who search for you often can not find the page
My Facebook Page Has Limited Visibility


This renders the Facebook page useless unless the Facebook user already knows the page address or are already following the page. This is nearly useless and wastes a lot of marketing potential.


The Solution

The fix is fairly easy. You have to turn off any selective requirements you have of your users who interact with the page:

  • Go To Page Settings
  • Select General
  • Page Visibility should read "Page Published"
  • Country Restrictions should read "Page is visible to everyone"
  • Age Restrictions should read "Page is visible to everyone"


Test Your Changes

To test this, go to any browser where you are not logged in to Facebook or create a new tab in Incognito mode (where there are no cookies). Cut and paste your Facebook page into the browsers web address field and touch enter. If the page comes up without issue, you fixed it. If it does not, then you may have missed a setting.

If you still get stuck, contact-us.

Facebook Page Requires Login


Countering The Argument For Restrictions

Some of you may say, but I want to restrict who can see my page. The answer is NO YOU DON'T. Seriously. You should not restrict this. It is any one of these restrictions that requires Facebook to have a logged in user coming from a recognized spot in the world. Don't make Facebook require users to be logged in to see your page. That is nuts. Search engines are never logged in. None of them will see you. Even if they meet your restrictions, many will be locked out of your page's valuable information. Let the users decide, not a computer. Bring as many people as possible to your business, not a small percentage.


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