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Quilters love classes. Quilt teachers love teaching them.  Creating a list for Oregon quilt classes is an idea for all.  If you are just learning to quilt, or highly experienced and looking for something new an exciting, you can find Oregon quilt classes, quilting classes to satisfy your burning desires.

If you are a quilt instructor, know that any member listing may post any number of quilt classes in the quilting class directory.  Check out all the member benefits, which do not limit you to just posting quilt classes.

List of Quilt Classes In Oregon

Quilt Camp

Friday, September 17, 2021 9 AM - Saturday 18, 5 PM
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Mid Valley Quilt Guild
2310 17th Street Northeast, Salem, Oregon, 97301
Wonderful opportunity to take classes from local quilters. Watch for more details on program, cost and registration. Go to http://www.midva...