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Quilt shop hops bring out the smiling child in all of us.  Planning your trip using the Utah shop hop directory is fun and easy!  Meeting interesting and knowledgeable shop owners and teachers is just one benefit of visiting shops in a shop hop.  Quilt shop hops can help to find amazing patterns, collectables, and stunning fabric.  Plan your trip today using the Utah shop hop directory below, or by using the maps and the Trip Planner™ to the right (or below the list on smart phones) to spend more time hopping and less time planning.

List of Quilt Shop Hops In Utah

On The Trail Shop Hop

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 10 AM - Monday 19, 5 PM
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At Each Quilt Shop
On The Trail is a shop hop in which quilt shops participate in festivities and prize drawings for visitors during a set period. During that...
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