2023 Arizona Quilter Guild Show Bursts with Color


Mark Bach discusses his favorite quilts from the Bursts with Color show by the Arizona Quilter Guild.

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2023 Arizona Quilter Guild Show Bursts with Color

It is always fun to attend a quilt show. Lots of colorful things to see and admire. The Arizona Quilters Guild held their yearly exhibit in March 2023 in Mesa, Arizona. The three-day event allowed guests to hear speakers, see some prize-winning quilts, and check out some vendors, some local and some from far away.

2023 Arizona Quilter Guild Show Bursts with Color


This year's theme was Canyons of Color, and if you were expecting an array of colorful quilts, you were delighted.



Three were 38 vendors in the exhibit hall. The quilts were judged in twenty-two categories, with three winning quilts each. Two judges had the difficult task of making those ribbon choices.



I find the opportunity to look through the quilts fascinating. Sometimes you wonder why the quilt maker made the choices they did, and other times the displayed quilt instantly grabs you.



With the wide variety of quilts to admire, it was hard to narrow down my choices, but here are my five favorite quilts. I hope you enjoy them too and find inspiration to quilt away on your projects.


I expected to be wowed by the "Canyons of Color" theme for the category theme, and Lori Wendling's Colorful Canyon did not disappoint. She opted to depict the Grand Canyon with a wide variety of fabrics.



For the "Pieced, Small -Solo" category Penny Boese started with a Holiday Sensation Mystery Quilt, but "I realized I didn't like my color placement or some of ...design, so I reimagined it and started afresh." It looks great and bright!



If you like modern quilts, Claire Victor's art/abstract entry, Hangover, will get your attention. Inspired by a tumbling block pattern, she added a love for origami and ended up with this eye-catching winner.



Day Into Night is what Deb Deaton titled her entry in the Pictorial category. She hand-painted the sky and used raw edge applique, mixed media, cheesecloth, and tulle to make this inspiring design. She noted that "when the Arizona sun begins to set, the sky comes alive," and this quilt reflects that perfectly.



My final choice for you is East of Eden by Cindy Seitz-Krug; she also was one of the lecturers during the show. She had taught domestic machine quilting in China in 2019 and designed this quilt to remind her of that trip.



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Attaching individual pieces of fabric to a background to form a design.

Same As: Appliqué

See Also: Freezer Paper Applique, Needleturn Applique, Machine Applique, Reverse Applique, Shadow Applique
The basic unit of a quilt top, usually square but can be rectangular or other shapes. Blocks can be pieced, appliqued or plain.
A term sometimes used for unbleached muslin, dating from the nineteenth century when printed fabrics were generally imported and plain fabrics were generally manufactured domestically.
Machine Quilting
Creating quilting stitches on a quilt using a sewing machine instead of sewing them by hand.
Mystery Quilt
A quilt pattern written in steps and revealed one part at a time to hide the final appearance of the finished quilt.
Raw Edge
An unfinished fabric edge of a piece of fabric or a quilt block. For applique, an edge which has not yet been turned under with stitching.
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