7 Tips for Hosting A Successful Quilt Show


How to put on a successful quilt show for your quilt guild. This is a must-read for all first timers holding the quilt show position in your quilt guild.

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7 Tips for Hosting A Successful Quilt Show

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host a really successful quilt show? Here are a few tips to make your show more enjoyable for visitors and more profitable for your Guild and vendors.

7 Tips for Hosting A Successful Quilt Show


  1. Try to place the quilt racks in a grouping that will give visitors plenty of room to walk around the quilts so that they can see all of the beautiful work that your entrants have done. Straight lines of quilt frames may be a bit quicker to set up, but if space allows, a vignette setting is much more interesting.


Vignette 1
Vignette 2
Vignette 3


  1. Ask your members before the show if they can loan the quilt show committee some items to decorate with. Think of using chairs that quilts may be placed over the back of, small artificial plants or flowers to set on a table, stuffed animals, sewing boxes, etc. If the show is staged rather than just hung it will be much more appealing. Displays of different sizes also add to the interest in your show. If smaller quilts will be displayed and you have access to small racks that allow visitors to see the quilts up close, this will also add to your shows’ appeal.


Display in Chairs
small rack displays


  1. Try to arrange for vendors or members of the Guild to offer demonstrations throughout the day that you may include in the advertisements for your show. This will entice visitors to come and to stay a little longer at the show which may help your vendors have a more successful show.


Vendor Booth
Vendor Booth


  1. Ask vendors and local quilt shops to advertise for you by hanging a flyer in their shops, handing out printed bookmarks that you supply, or adding your show to their newsletter. The only cost for this advertising is the printing cost which can be very minimal but it can benefit the vendors, the shops, and the Guild.  Make sure you advertise on QuiltingHub.com. It is free for guilds and from 10 cents to a quarter a day for others. You can not beat the reach of 1.2 million for that price.
Ad Example


  1. Also consider asking your members, the vendors, and local shops if they are willing to donate a door prize in exchange for an ad in your show program. Also consider offering local quilt service providers the opportunity to place paid ads in the program to help with the cost of hosting the show.


Vendor Mall Listing
Door Prize Donations


  1. Your show is a great opportunity for your Guild to invite attendees to join. Remember to have applications to join the Guild on hand and a person to answer questions for prospective members.
  2. Last but not least, keep your fees low. The more entrants and vendors you have, the more successful your show will be as visitors are more likely to come to a large show with lots of vendors than a small one.


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