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Inklingo uses Affiliate Marketing instead of traditional advertising. The program is designed to benefit quilt shops but many shop owners are not familiar with the benefits or how affiliation works. This article introduces a great way for your shop to improve profits.

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Affiliate Programs


Inklingo uses Affiliate Marketing instead of traditional advertising. The program is designed to benefit quilt shops but many shop owners are not familiar with the benefits or with how affiliation works.

Inklingo (US Patent 7,814,832) is an alternative to English Paper Piecing, Acrylic Templates, Paper or Foundation Piecing and Die Cutters. It is the quilting tool we’ve always wanted.

Inklingo PDFs (downloadable) print the shapes on fabric in such an innovative way that it is patented. Inklingo advertising is innovative too.

The Inklingo Affiliate Program pays quilt shops and others who sell this new tool. Instead of buying books or tools from a distributor, you send quilters to inklingo.com and Inklingo pays you 30% of sales to a new customer for the next 60 days!

30% is comparable to wholesale when you consider that there is no up-front cost or inventory risk and Inklingo pays the credit card processing fees. There is no such thing as a back order and no one can undercut your price.

Your earnings can be significant. Quilters often buy several books and downloads in their first 60 days. You may have shown her hexagons, but it doesn’t take long before she wants to use Inklingo for triangles, Double Wedding Ring and other designs too. That first 60 days is prime time.

Another shop may have introduced a quilter to Inklingo first, but even if the quilter is an existing customer of inklingo.com, you earn 15% of everything she buys for the next 10 days. The details and the Inklingo Affiliate Application are on the website.


Online shops just need to add a button to their blog or site so quilters can click through to inklingo.com. The link ensures that the sale is credited.

Inklingo in an Elevator explains how easy it can be to demo inklingo in person.


Affiliate Marketing is a phenomenon of the Internet and Inklingo is downloadable, but the Affiliate Program is not just for online shops.

Brick & mortar shops may have the advantage because they can do quick, impromptu demos and give quilters the link in person. Most quilters understand Inklingo instantly when they see that first piece of printed fabric. Online businesses have to work hard at being interactive through social media, blogs and video, but nothing is more interactive than in-person contact in your shop.


Make 30% of sales to new Inklingoists with:

  1. No inventory, so capital/credit is not tied up.
  2. No risk of being left with stock that doesn’t sell.
  3. Save time placing orders/deciding what to order.
  4. No back orders.
  5. Simple to prepare for mini demos and classes.
  6. Excellent for new classes, patterns and samples.
  7. No fee and no investment required to get started.



Inklingo provides buttons and text for your blog or website, so quilters can click through to place an order. The code ensures an Affiliate is automatically credited for the sale.

If you know how to add a photo to your blog, you have all the technical know-how you need to add a button.

Quilters who visit your shop in person are prompted to select your shop name when they check out at inklingo.com. They can also leave a comment or indicate who sent them in any other way.


Even without the Affiliate Program, there are other good reasons for your shop to teach Inklingo. When quilters can count on a shop to stay up to date with the best new tools and methods it builds customer loyalty. That may be the most powerful reason for learning about Inklingo even if there wasn’t an Affiliate Program. There is more info about teaching Inklingo under the Support tab at inklingo.com.

These resources will help you be a successful Affiliate.


In the beginning, a shop owner told me “Inklingo reminds me of the first time I saw a rotary cutter.” She was right. Do you remember the ‘wow’ when you first saw one? The rotary cutter re-energized the whole quilting industry in the 1980s.

The same thing is happening with Inklingo. In addition to the Affiliate Program, there is room for new Inklingo books, classes and Inklingoable patterns, just the way there was for the rotary cutter. Jump in!

The patent gives me the exclusive right to create Inklingo shape collections, but anyone can teach Inklingo, create patterns that use Inklingo, and write books about using Inklingo.

By the way, you can still buy books with traditional wholesale, if you prefer, and just use the Affiliate Program for downloads.

It is wide open, just the way it was when the rotary cutter was first introduced.

Inklingo Affiliate Application

Apply online to be an Affiliate today!

It is an exciting time to be a quilt shop owner, don't you think?

Linda Franz



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Double Wedding Ring
Arced pieces of squares sewn together to form interlocking rings or circles.
English Paper Piecing
A method of hand piecing where paper templates are used inside the block elements to guide where the edges are turned under and templates are removed. Baby Blocks, Grandmother's Flower Garden and other non-square shapes are often pieced this way.

See Also: Assembly Piecing, Machine Piecing, Chain Piecing, Paper Piecing, Hand Piecing, Piecing
Foundation Piecing
Assembling a block by sewing pieces to a foundation of Muslin, plain fabric. It adds strength and stability to delicate or stretchy fabrics. These days, paper is most commonly used, but since it is removed after completion, it does not add strength.
Rotary Cutter
A very sharp tool that looks like a pizza wheel which is capable of cutting through multiple layers of fabric.
Linda Franz

Linda Franz is the inventor of the amazing brand of Inklingo. It has revolutionized piecing and accuracy for the entire industry. Check out her brand page by clicking Inklingo

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