Feathered Star Quilt Designs


Let the feathers fly! There are unprecedented design options for stunning Feathered Star Quilts thanks to innovations for sewing and pressing precise triangles. Since printing with Inklingo is such a fast, accurate way to prepare the shapes, you can afford to spend time perfecting your design and choosing fabric. Includes video.

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Feathered Star Quilt Designs

Inklingo Feathered Star by Carole in NY

Carole in New York fussy cut the center of this gorgeous, lacy Feathered Star.
Carole wrote:
"I love this pattern and the way it went together with such ease, like a dream. I would never have attempted this had it not been for Inklingo."



Let the feathers fly! All of Kathy's fabrics are owl designs!

There are unprecedented design options for stunning Feathered Star Quilts thanks to Inklingo innovations for sewing and pressing precise triangles.

Love the lines! Quilt more!

Since printing with Inklingo is such a fast, accurate way to prepare the shapes, you can afford to spend time perfecting your design and choosing fabric, like Kathy in TN.



Kathy is an expert quilter—but Feathered Star is not just for experts anymore!

Inklingo is all about making quilting more accessible. That means making it easier for beginners and also keeping experienced quilters inspired.

With that in mind, Inklingo has a totally new approach to Feathered Star.

Inklingo Feathered Star

One of several innovations with Inklingo Feathered Star is that you can use standard blocks in the center to give create your own unique variations! (red box above).

Insert any 4.5, 6 or 9 inch block for small, medium and large Feathered Star blocks!

Feathered Star with 6 inch Yin Yang!

Feathered Star with Yin Yang!

You can even use the shapes in the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection for the center of a 15 inch Feathered Star block!


Inklingo Feathered Star design by Ronda at Momma Made This

Ronda of Momma Made This has a slide show of 20 Feathered Star designs you can sew with Inklingo!

Feathered Star is a wonderful example of ways you can print a few sheets of fabric with your ordinary Inkjet printer to sew hundreds of triangles into feathers.


Print one fabric and layer with unprinted fabric.

Print one fabric and layer with un-printed fabric.

Sew along the lines!

Sew along the diagonal lines. (It is so fabulous to have a line to sew along!)


Use scissors or a rotary cutter.

Cut . . . 


. . . and press!

Feathered Star Video  

You might be surprised that making a Feathered Star can be condensed into an 80 second video. That's seconds, not minutes.

The printing, cutting, sewing and pressing whiz past very quickly in the video, but don't worry! The Inklingo Feathered Star Design Book includes detailed instructions for designing, sewing, and pressing your Feathered Star Quilt and it is free when you buy the shapes to print on fabric ($20 value).

There is more information about Feathered Star at these links.

Main Feathered Star Page

Feathered Star on the All About Inklingo blog
     3 things to love about Feathered Star

Free Inklingo Triangle Tips PDF

Charlsey's Feathered Star 


Inklingo Feathered Star

Feathered Star is just one of many designs requested by Inklingo quilters. They recognize that having the cutting lines, stitching lines, matching marks, and crosshairs printed on the fabric is the simplest and best way to make any design, no matter how complicated it might be with traditional methods.


If you have Electric Quilt software, "Radiant Star" is in the block library!

Use Electric Quilt to play with fabric swatches and quilt layouts and then print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo! There are several free EQ project files on the All About Inklingo blog.


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The basic unit of a quilt top, usually square but can be rectangular or other shapes. Blocks can be pieced, appliqued or plain.
Fussy Cut
The cutting out of specific areas of a fabric to use the image or motif on the fabric. Often used to isolate animals, flowers, etc from a Conversation Print or Novelty Print fabric. A template may be used to cut out many images to be the same size for use in a block. Because the remaining fabric then looks like Swiss cheese, it is wasteful of fabric.
Method of using an iron to press seams and blocks. This means simply pressing downwards on the seam with the iron from above and not moving the iron back and forth which can distort the block or seam.
Picking a hot iron up off your fabric or quilt top and then putting it down in another place to remove the wrinkles. When you press your fabric, you do not slide the hot iron.

See Also: Ironing
A large central star, made up of diamond shaped fabric or a square with right triangles, to form the star points from the center out.
Linda Franz

Linda Franz is the inventor of the amazing brand of Inklingo. It has revolutionized piecing and accuracy for the entire industry. Check out her brand page by clicking Inklingo

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