Understanding Your Quilt Shop Market Visibility


Here's a quick breakdown of the 4 listing levels available to all quilt shops on QuiltingHub.  Let's explore it!

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Understanding Your Quilt Shop Market Visibility

Which level is your shop?

QuiltingHub offers 4 different "listing levels" for your Quilt Shop. The level of listing that you choose plays a huge role in the results that you can gain with us. Which level is your shop? Let's take a closer look at the 4 options and see how you can increase your results! 

4 Quilt Shop Result Levels On QuiltingHub


1. Not Listed

This is when either you never added your shop or it expired because no one verified it. Note: All listings must be verified every 90 days to remain visible.

Shop Visitors: Zero
Investment: Zero
ROI: Zero
How to Fix it: Click Add My Quilt Shop

click add or suggest a listing on QuiltingHub


2. Free Listing & Unclaimed

Your shop is on the list. Yippy! But you have not claimed the free listing. Only your shop name, address and maybe a wrong map position appears. It may expire if no one verified it in the past 90 days.

Shop Visitors: Low because map pointer may be wrong, and most quilters go to the shops with sales, photos, and ratings. Most quilters ignore your shop.
Investment: Zero
ROI: Not much.
How To Fix It: Click the orange [Claim this listing] and correct our map pointer.

click claim this listing


3. Free Listing & Claimed (Downgraded)

Your shop is on the list, your map position is correct, and you are protected from your listing expiring. You get listing error notifications instantly. You are in control & it is free. Double Yippy!

Shop Visitors: Better with an accurate map position and quilters can see it is verified, but most quilters go to the shops with sales, photos, and ratings. They still, by and large, ignore yours.
Investment: Zero
ROI: Better
How To Fix It: Click the red [Activate] button at the top of your listing.

click red activate on your listing page


4. Full Member Benefits

You get full detail listing (events, logo, photos, description, hours, product/service categories, brands, ratings) and you appear on brand where-to-buy maps and other searches. The events, photos, and ratings are the key to success.

Shop Visitors: Highest because quilters go to the shops with sales, photos, ratings, and the additional lists and searches they use.
Investment: Only $8/mo (27 cents a day) for 400,000 quilters to view the site at a rate of 1 Million page views a month.
ROI: Best (1 good sale pays for the year!)
How To Improve It: Make sure you do the red [Page Completion Guide] and the "How To Maximize Your Results" from the Admin menu.  Read our newsletter each month for tips.

click completion guide


Want More Info?

To see the benefits of membership, visit the red "Quilt Shop Owners Click Here" button on the home page, and watch at least the video on the top right. Other videos give different tips.


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