Adding Call-For-Entry Or Call-For-Charity Events


Quilt guilds begin using QuiltingHub.com to publicize call-for-entry and call-for-charity quilts. Leverage 310,000 quilters for your next call. Use it now!

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Adding Call-For-Entry Or Call-For-Charity Events


Until recently there has been no way for quilt guilds to post call-for-entry and call-for-charity quilts to the masses of quilters. Leveraging the largest, most traffic based quilting resources website gives you a wise edge. uiltingHub.com reaches over 400,000 quilters at a page rate of 1 Million page views a month.

Adding Call-For-Entry And Call-For-Charity Events



This is defined as quilts that you want for a show, and they will be returned. Perfect for when you allow and want quilts in your show from outside your guild. This is a great way to boost participation.

Call For Entry



These are quilts you want to give to a charity or cause, and they will not be returned. Traditionally, guilds made their own quilts from their own members to satisfy a need. However, many quilters are looking for causes to make quilts. It gives you the opportunity to get even more quilts for your cause and more happy faces.

Call For Charity


Why QuiltingHub?

QuiltingHub was the first to come up with this idea, and we have a large number of uses. Adding your guild to the site is free, and you can add any number of events (meetings, shows, call, classes, retreats, etc) all for free. In essence, it is the best place that will get you the most traffic for free and not limit your ability to have control.

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How to Add An Event?

You can add an event on the Call-For-Charity list, the Call-For-Entry list, or by clicking the green Add An Event button from the events list on your guild's detail page. Keep in mind that for your guild to be visible on the guild list on QuiltingHub, you need to be logged in with administrator access to your guild. If your guild is not listed, add it. If your guild exists, but you do not have access, either ask your guild to make you an admin, or contact us for help.

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