Top Ways To Publicize Quilt Shows


What are some of the best ways to publicize your quilt show? A former guild publicist shares her tops tips for your success. Share this with every guild publicity chairperson.

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Top Ways To Publicize Quilt Shows

Whether you have been doing guild publicity for months or years, we can agree publicity is important to the success of your events and your guild. Here are some ideas to get the word out.

People will find and follow your guild website. Members and non-members will be able to find and follow you. Be printed in the local papers/magazines your quilters read. More and more quilters use the internet to find events.

Top Ways To Publicize Quilt Shows


Where Why
Guild Website People will find and follow your website.
Guild Facebook Page Members and non members can find and follow you.
Local Print Media Be printed in the local papers/magazines your quilters read.
Internet Events Index More and more quilters use the internet to find events.


Your Website

If you do not even have a simple one page website, get one. This really helps people find your guild and can help your current members stay in touch with what is going on. You can create a simple site through something similar to GoDaddy.com.

guild website



Distributing your guild newsletter to your members through email is best. Some of your members will still require a printed copy, but email will reduce your costs and encourage younger members. Newsletters can easily be shared by members to other quilters




Having a guild Facebook page can be a simple way to share images and events with members and non-members alike. The only issue is people have to know your page exists to like it. Facebook is not easily searched or indexed. If you do not have a Facebook page, get one of your member's offspring to help you create one.



Local Print Media

Each of us, no matter where our guild is located, has some form of print media that quilters most commonly use to find quilting events. Make sure your event appears in this media. Create flyers and drop off stacks at the nearby quilt shows within about 50 miles. If the Country Register is popular in your area, use it.

print media


Internet Quilting Events Index

We know more and more quilters are using computers and smart phones to find quilting events. The old word of mouth and printed events list days are ending.

Many websites have come and gone trying to provide this information for quilters. Almost all have failed because maintaining a huge list of events gets too daunting to continue. Finding the right site can be daunting as well.



If your guild is not using QuiltingHub, do it now! QuiltingHub is maintained by quilters. Guilds can add themselves and their events for free. You can even add your meetings into the event calendar as a recurring event. An advantage with QuiltingHub is you can edit each of the recurring events after they have gone into the calendar to advertise your guest speakers. This allows you to attract more non-members into your meetings, who then learn about your upcoming quilt show.

QuiltingHub - Worlds Most Trusted Source


QuiltingHub gets over 1 Million page views a month, so it is a smart choice. You can assign any number of guild members to administrate the QuiltingHub page and events. Watch the tour video listed below:


Check This Out!

Check out the most popular tool on QuiltingHub. Use the search 'Map Of Resources' or the 'Resources Trip Planner' to the right (or below).



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Donna Walsh

I have been sewing since the age of 9.  Before retiring, I did marketing for quilt shops and publicity for guilds.  I taught myself computers and marketing.  I have lived in many places before settling in Illinois.  I still freelance helping shops and guilds with publicity and marketing.  I enjoy family, sewing, traveling and good fun conversation.

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