Completed Pages Get More Visibility


QuiltingHub has a lot of quilters looking for quilt shops, so how as a shop owner to I get some of that traffic into my store? Answer: Complete your page!

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Completed Pages Get More Visibility

We, at QuiltingHub, can not stress enough the importance of completing your listing detail page. You will reap rewards from the effort you sew in to your page. Quilter's make decisions in a split second based on what they see. They are highly visual.

Completed Pages Get More Visibility


Which would you rather visit?


Low Likes/Rating
Obviously, the one with the rating and likes!
We often overlook this!

The likes are just one example of page completion. Images, description, & other listing details are evaluated by quilters.

High Likes/Rating



Think about it: Would you rather visit a place with high likes, ratings, images and details or one without? Quilter's are very intuitive. They assume if you put little effort into completing your page here, that they will get the same low quality when they visit you. To counteract this, complete your page and make the effort to get high ratings and likes.


How To Correct?

The Page Completion Guide (or Listing Completion Guide) is a red button found on any listing detail page you manage. It guides you step by step to completing all the details that get results. Depending on the listing type, it encourages you to add:

  • Likes & Ratings
  • Images
  • Description
  • Product/Service Categories
  • Brands
  • Events


How To Get Page Likes?

  • Share your QuiltingHub page with your customers, followers, or members.
  • Post your QuiltingHub Member page on Facebook and ask for likes.
  • Put an Icon for your QuiltingHub Member page on your website.(see below)


Where To Click The Button?

For this and other tips, click the red Page Completion Guide button on your QuiltingHub member detail page. To get there:

  • Login to QuiltingHub
  • Click My Account (Under Login)
  • Click the logo for your page (in the middle of the page)
  • Click the red Page Completion Guide (found in the blue strip near the top of the page).  For some of you this may be the Listing Completion Guide, so you may have to start there.  For a complete list of benefits, visit the colored click here button found on the QuiltingHub.com home page under "List Your Information?"
  • In this case, the Add Icon to your website is the one you most want to click.


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A construction technique in which long, narrow pieces of cloth are joined lengthwise, sometimes with long rows of quilt blocks, to form a quilt top. The term "strip" can be used to describe the long pieces of fabric between blocks (see Sashing) or to describe the small, narrow remnants used in string patchwork.

See Also: Sashing
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