Get more attractions with your events


This article covers the fact that adding events will get more attention to your listing and your organization.

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Get more attractions with your events

Many of our first time users who list their shop, guild, or any other listing simply think of us as a basic listing website. They do not realize we have more users, more shops, more events and more ways to search for them than any other site in the world. This is why more users trust us to plan their trips than anyone else.

Realize that adding your events (classes, sales, shop hops, meetings, shows, etc) opens your events to 79,000 quilters and growing. Adding events is easy:

  • Login to QuiltingHub
  • Click My Account (under login)
  • Click My Pages
  • Click the logo for your listing (in the middle of the page). Be careful not to click your user profile by mistake.
  • Click the events tab on your listing
  • Click Add to add an event
  • Enter the information about the event and click update. If it is a repeating event, we can repeat it in the calendar for you, just tell us how often and when.

Remember: By keeping your events up to date, you increase the chances of your organization and your events being found by nearly 3 times.


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